Skin Rejuvenation Benefits of the Laser 360 Revolution Facelift


Hormonal changes, the aging process and even your diet all play a role in the health and appearance of your skin. When collagen and elastin, the fundamental building blocks of strong and healthy skin, begin to break down, the result is fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin around the face and neck.
The Laser 360 Revolution facelift promises to be an alternative to facelift surgery, and is a powerful nonsurgical face lift procedure that uses laser therapy to strengthen and restore the skin. Here’s a close look at how the Laser 360 Revolution facelift works, and if you may be a good candidate for this innovative skin rejuvenation procedure:

How Laser 360 Revolution Technology Works

The Laser 360 Revolution procedure involves a combination of skin rejuvenation laser treatments and a skin tightening laser, followed by a microdermabrasion procedure performed within a week of the laser treatments. The laser treatments help to bring the collagen and elastin fibers that have been stretched out closer together. The Pixel laser technology penetrates deep into the skin to cause a tissue contraction. This damage to the dermis triggers collagen production and helps the skin tissues rebuild themselves at a rapid rate.
Microdermabrasion helps to buff away the top layer of skin, and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion is an important element of the skin rejuvenation treatment, because it helps exfoliate the skin and removes any brown spots caused by the laser treatments. This procedure also helps stimulate collagen production to create a smoother, more contoured appearance.
The combination of laser treatments and microdermabrasion can be repeated two times every two weeks to produce significant results. The treatment can be administered to the face, as well as the neck, chest, upper arms and even the back.

Key Benefits of the Laser 360 Rejuvenation Facelift

The Laser 360 Rejuvenation facelift offers a number of benefits for patients with aging skin concerns. Some of the most significant benefits of this skin rejuvenation procedure over facelift surgery include:
  • Tightens sagging skin around the neck and face
  • Helps correct an uneven skin tone
  • Reduces visible sun damage
  • Helps reduce and eliminate rosacea
  • Reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creates a smoother, tighter and more taut appearance
  • Can be performed on almost any part of the body
  • Produces progressive results
  • Can be safely performed on patients with a darker complexion
  • Minimal downtime involved
  • Minimal risk of excessive scarring
Most patients will experience some redness and peeling after the Pixel laser treatment, but the effects typically subside within a few days after the treatment. The skin will begin to heal and exfoliate naturally shortly after the laser and microdermabrasion treatments, and the increased rate of cell turnover results in fresher, healthier-looking skin.
Learn more about the latest skin rejuvenation treatments in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for the Laser 360 Revolution facelift and other skin rejuvenation treatments.