Simon Cowell: Droopy Eyelid from too Much BOTOX?

A droopy left eye was the telltale sign of too much Botox for Britain’s Got Talent host Simon Cowell. Cowell’s recent appearance on the show “shocked” millions of viewers and fans this past week, and experts suggest that the host’s face has been jabbed by a few too many Botox injections.

According to recent Daily Mail reports, a show source stated that Cowell had recently had too much Botox and its effects were obvious on camera. Producers were struggling to hide Cowell’s face by changing the lighting over the judging panel during Monday night’s show, but viewers were still left wondering what had happened to the host’s face.

A “Botox addiction” can cause a droopy eyelid and sagging facial features, which is why it’s important to get these injections by a licensed and experienced Botox professional. Look at these Botox before and after pictures to see examples of successful treatments performed by experienced medical professionals in your area. 

Celebrity Botox Trends

Simon Cowell isn’t the only celebrity who may be looking at a Botox addiction. Having smooth, wrinkle-free and youthful looking skin – especially around the forehead which tends to acquire deep furrows and wrinkles before other parts of the face – is a top priority for many Hollywood stars and performers including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford and Kylie Minogue.
Heidi Montag, a self-confessed “plastic surgery addict” has even had Botox injections as part of a mini-facelift.
Botox has become so common among Hollywood circles that many celebrities don’t even deny having Botox injections to maintain their youthful looks, reports the OC Register. Stars who routinely get Botox – because this injectable does wear off within a few months – include Janice Dickinson, Linda Evangelista, David Hasselhoff, Annie Potts and Laurie Loughlin.

Dangers of Too Much Botox

So why does Botox cause the droopy eyelid effect in some people and not others? Botox paralyzes the muscles, so when it is administered around the eye and spreads outward, it can end up paralyzing the muscle right around the eyelid. This makes it impossible for the patient to open their eyes fully. If Botox travels even further away from the original injection site, it can lead to severe drooping of the eyelid and the “sagging” effect that Simon Cowell experienced this past week. These effects do disappear within a few weeks, but they are dead giveaways of too much Botox or a poorly-administered Botox injection.

If you’re considering Botox injections, set up a consultation with an experienced and licensed Botox doctor in your area, and take the time to review Botox before and after photos so that you know what to expect from the treatment.