Show Off Beautiful Knees with Laser Liposculpture

No matter how much you weigh or how good shape you’re in, chances are, you have extra fatty deposits on and around your knees, which become resistant to diet and exercise. These stubborn fatty pockets are commonly treated by plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

Silk Touch Med Spa offers a targeted knee liposculpture procedure for patients who want shapelier, more defined knees. Surgeon Brian Kerr, MD has had a lot of success with a basic SmartLipo procedure performed on the knees and legs, and many patients have been surprised by how simple the procedure actually is.

Sculpting the Knees with SmartLipo

Many board-certified plastic surgeons prefer to use laser liposuction techniques to sculpt the knees because the heat from the laser helps to create a very minor skin tightening effect. The primary goal of knee liposculpture is to remove excess fat that is covering up the bone and muscle around the knee area. Removing this fat will give the knees a much more sleeker, shapely, and well-balanced appearance.

During this procedure, the area is numbed with local anesthetic. Your surgeon uses a laser to gently melt the fat directly under the skin and to stimulate the skin tightening process. The surgeon will place some very small incisions around the knees to begin the suctioning process with a cannula. He or she will use very slow and gentle movements to remove as much fat as possible but will leave some behind to create a natural, sculpted appearance.  Recovery is very quick and most patients are back to work within one or two days.

Getting Knees Ready for Summer

Silk Touch Med Spa shares some valuable tips for getting your knees ready for the summer season. Even if you’re not quite ready to go under the knife for a SmartLipo procedure, there are several things you can do to tighten, sculpt, and tone the skin around the knees. 

Some of the medical spa’s top tips include:

  • Exfoliate skin regularly. The skin on the knees is much thicker than other parts of the body so you need to take extra steps to slough off dead skin that accumulates in this area. Use an exfoliating mitt with a good body scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells.

  • Moisturize properly. Use a good body oil or intensive moisturizer to keep skin looking super soft and supple. Ideally, you’ll want to moisturize your knees twice per day or at least after each shower or bath.

  • Get a skin tightening treatment. There are a number of minimally-invasive skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments that can be very effective for improving the contours of the legs and sculpting the knees. Some can even help to tighten up sagging skin around the knees.

Learn more about knee liposculpture and get tips for keeping knees looking beautiful this season by talking to the specialists at Silk Touch Medspa & Laser Center.