Report: Casey Anthony was in Orlando Prepping for Plastic Surgery

Orlando, Fla—A national independent television station out of Puerto Rico says it has exclusive information that Casey Anthony was hiding in Orlando, plans to have plastic surgery and is moving to California.

WAPA-TV, broadcast both on the island of Puerto Rico and on WAPA America in the U.S. is reporting Casey Anthony, the mother acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, was hiding in an Orlando home and has plans to get a nose job and teeth reconstruction to hide her identity from the World when she does re-appear in California.

The star of the WAPA TV’s #1 broadcast swears you can take her information to the bank, however the news might be difficult for people in the U.S. to believe, considering the woman broadcasting this news is a puppet. Yes, we just said she is a puppet. (We will get to the puppet a little later)

The  star, known as La Comay, spends her days criticizing and analyzing current events In Puerto Rico, but recently caught on to the Casey Anthony saga that played out in the U.S. In a broadcast airing July 18th, La Comay said her sources are telling her Casey Anthony was in an Orlando home, often times being visited by her attorney in the same SUV that picked her up from the jail this past weekend. La Comay also says Casey Anthony was in Orlando changing her hair color and planning a change on the contours of her face with plastic surgery.

La Comay is reporting Anthony is scheduled to undergo a nose job first. A nose job also known as rhinoplasty, can drastically impact your profile. During a nose job, a cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon surgically reshapes the nose for esthetic or reconstructive reasons. (See nose job before and after photos)

In addition, La Comay says Anthony will get a smile makeover to finish off the change. The most common smile makeover is done by adding porcelain veneers to your teeth. To add veneers, a cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon applies thin shells of porcelain to the fronts of the teeth. (See porcelain veneers before and after photos)

Now, back to the puppet. While many people in the U.S. might think a puppet reporting the news is a bit odd, Puerto Ricans are used to the format. The puppet, known as La Comay sits on a throne during her gossip style show and discusses popular controversial topics. While you may think her story has no credibility now, La Comay is popular for breaking stories in the past and landing powerful interviews as she did in the past with the Governor Luis Fortuno. Today La Comay has been criticized in the past and referred to as a yellow journalist, yet people in Puerto Rico continue to watch the #1 broadcast and believe every single thing she says.  What do you think?