Reasons to Choose Radio Frequency Liposuction for Fat Removal

Those extra inches around your waistline and excess fat on your thighs and buttocks can be permanently removed with liposuction, but which liposuction technique will help you get the best results? Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons around the country are trained in several liposuction techniques, and radio frequency liposuction is quickly becoming a top choice for many. Radio frequency liposuction, also known simply as RF lipo, is an innovative body sculpting procedure that can deliver impressive results with little downtime.

If you want to get rid of a few inches of stubborn body fat, talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon about radio frequency liposuction. This technique offers a number of benefits beyond traditional liposuction techniques, and can help you achieve your ideal silhouette.

Top Benefits of Radio Frequency Liposuction

Radio frequency liposuction offers a number of benefits for patients of all skin types, and for patients who need to lose both small and large amounts of body fat. Some of the top benefits of radio frequency liposuction are:

  • Provides surgeon more control over energy delivery
  • Less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction procedures
  • Fat is dissolved completely before it is removed, resulting in a smoother fat removal process
  • No burning or damage to the skin’s surface
  • Can remove fat that is lodged deeper in the skin tissues
  • Removes layers of superficial fat
  • Causes more skin contraction and skin shrinkage shortly after the procedure

How RF Liposuction Works

Radio frequency liposuction can remove both superficial fat and fat embedded deeper in the tissues. Unlike laser liposuction and other liposuction techniques, radio frequency liposuction dissolves the fat cells without causing trauma to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. It also tightens the collagen right down to the muscle, causing the skin to contract and creating a smooth, contoured appearance. This innovative technique is a popular choice for plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are interested in sculpting and contouring the body during the fat removal process.

The radio frequency liposuction device involves the use of both internal and external electrodes, creating a closed circuit in the treatment area. The external electrode monitors the skin’s temperature throughout the procedure and delivers energy to the skin’s surface. The internal electrode also delivers energy into the tissues, and works by dissolving the body fat so that it’s easier for the surgeon to extract the fat from the body using a cannula. Since the surgeon can control where the energy is delivered, there is less trauma to the surrounding tissue and the energy isn’t spread to other areas.

After the fat is removed, the remaining skin may appear stretched out and loose at first, but it will slowly begin to contract and tighten over the course of a few weeks. Surgeons have reported that radio frequency lipo helps to cause more skin shrinkage and creates a better skin contraction than other procedures. Most patients see progressive results for several weeks and months after their procedure.

Learn more about the latest liposuction techniques in our information guide, or set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for the RF lipo procedure.