Questions to Ask Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

It can take time to find the right breast augmentation surgeon to perform your breast lift, breast augmentation procedure or breast reduction surgery. You’ll need to review the surgeon’s credentials, learn about the different services he or she offers and review breast augmentation before and after photos to gauge the surgeon’s skill level.

It’s important to keep in mind that every breast implant surgeon uses different techniques and incision locations to perform a breast augmentation. Also, costs for your procedure will vary significantly between surgeons and where they’re located. Be sure to check out some of our breast augmentation before and after photos and breast implant 3-D videos.

What are some Good Questions to Ask My Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

  • How long has the surgeon been performing this procedure?
  • Can you review breast augmentation before and after photos?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • Based on your lifestyle and desired outcome, what does he or she recommend for you?
  • Does the surgeon recommend or prefer saline implants or silicone implants. Why?
  • What breast augmentation incision locations and breast implant placement (above-the-muscle or below-the-muscle implants) will be used to perform the procedure?
  • What is the pre-operation and post-operation procedure?
  • Will the procedure be done in an outpatient center or an office?
  • Is the facility certified and state licensed?
  • What are the pre-op and post-op breast augmentation costs involved?
  • Are anesthesiologist fees factored into the breast augmentation price breakdown?
  • Is breast augmentation price financing available?
  • What lifestyle changes will you have to make pre-op and post-op?

Are there any Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

Narrow-down breast augmentation doctors in your area by looking for a cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation surgeons have had several years of training in the field of breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery and may have successfully completed hundreds of surgeries.

You can also find the right breast augmentation surgeon by doing the following:

  • Review breast augmentation before and after pictures, and ask how the recovery went for each patient
  • Request at least three references from satisfied patients
  • Ask for proof of board certification and/or any memberships or affiliations with professional organizations