Questions & Answers: Rhinoplasty

Question: The Cost of Rhinoplasty
How much (ballpark figure) would a reconfiguration of the tip of my nose cost? Also, who gives free consultations?
Doctor's Answer
Dear Lisa,
I am sorry to be so vague but there are many possible things to do to the tip of a nose to make it look more attractive. Also, the look that you wish for must be considered and strived for by the surgery. It is impossible for me to tell what you would need to reach this desired end. A simply tip rhinoplasty can cost as little as $2000. With regard to the free consultation, this is often not in your best interest since the more experienced surgeons often charge a $50 to $100 consultation fee. This allows only interested people to seek consultation and for us not to have our offices overun with people who are only interested in information and not surgery. I offer a reimbursement of the consultation fee for any procedure that I perform - which I think is a fair approach to this problem. I would suggest that you also seek out two or three consultations prior to deciding upon your surgeon and the procedure that you desire to have done.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: Concerns About Asymetrical Nose Jobs
I have seriously been investigating rhinoplasty for about a year now. I always seem to back down when I look at the before and after pictures due to the fact that most of the noses are pretty much asymetrical. One nostril is most always bigger than the other or the ball of the nose is very prominent. Also I have seen some people who have had the proceedure done and their noses are slightly on a slant. Could the nostril and ball of the nose problem be that the doctor is taking his post-op pictures to soon? And what causes the nose to heel on the slant. I will look forward to your answers. Thank you for your time.
Doctor's Answer
Dear Nichole,
There are a great many different ways of performing rhinoplasty and a great many surgeons who perform the procedure. There often is prolonged swelling of the nose, lasting several months after the procedure and this may be asymmetrical. Your surgeon should have some symmetrical pictures to show you though. Also, it is important to know what is being started with. Most noses are asymmetrical to begin with when studied closely. The septum, or dividing cartilage between the nostrils, when altered, can lead to deviation of the visible nose.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon
I am looking for a plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty in my area. How can I find out if the surgeon I choose has extensive experience in this form of plastic surgery?
Doctor's Answer
Dear Patricia,
Phone some and ask how many rhinoplasties they perform per month. The answer should be more than 5. I would also suggest that you make certain that they are members of the ASAPS (aesthetic plastic surgeons society).

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: Will Insurance Pay for a Nose Job?
I have been told that I have a deviated septum on my right side. Is it still true that you can get a nose job paid for by insurance if you have this medical problem? I have an HMO insurance. I've been wanting ryno plasty for years, but didn't want to shell out the money, or finance it, but when I found out from my HMO primary care doctor that I had a deviated septum, (I had a horrible bacterial sinus infection at the time), I was kinda excited, that maybe I could get insurance to cover it, but I'm not sire how the HMO's work.
Doctor's Answer
Dear Melinda,
In a nutshell, insurance may cover a portion of the operating room and anesthesia, but they will not cover the rhinoplasty portion of the operation, only the septoplasty portion. So, you will still need to pay for the rhinoplasty portion ( which is several thousand dollars).Good luck
Joshua Korman MD

Nothing more to add. I concur with Dr. Korman.

Jonathan Berman MD

Question: Combining Surgeries
Can more than 1 procedure be done at the same time? Example..rhinoplasty and lip augmentation?
Doctor's Answer

Dear Heather,
We often couple procedures or perform many smaller procedures at one time so that there is only one recovery period and down-time is decreased. There are safe limits for doing this depending upon the procedures. The two that you mention are very readily performed together.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: Dealing with Sinus Problems
I have had problems with my sinuses for years and I fianlly went to see an ENT specialist and he thinks it may be my adnoids. He seemed surprised because I had my tonsils taken out when I was younger, I don't know why. Now he has me scheduled to see a surgeon in March. My question is if I have to have surgery to correct this problem would I be able to have them also reshape my nose since I was planning to have this procedure done anyhow? I would hate to have to go though 2 seperate surgury's on my nose. Thanks.
Doctor's Answer

Dear Brittany,
You do not mention how old you are abut, after puberty, a "bent nose" can be fixed with a rhinoplasty (nose job) which will straighten the nose externally. If the structures supporting the nose are also bent (often the case) a rhinoseptoplasty may need to be performed. Visit with a plastic surgeon in your lovely country of Australia - there are a great many excellent plastic surgeons there in order to obtain all of the details of the surgery. Rhinoplasties generally cost from $2000 to $10,000 depending upon what is needs be done. Insurance may cover some of this cost if this was obtained through injury or if you have breathing difficulties.
Hope this helps.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon