Questions & Answers: Face Lift & Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)


Question: The Cost of Face Lifts
Genetically, my face looks just like my mother's. I am 51, but I have lots and lots of lines, wrinkles, etc. on my face - the skin is very soft. What is the best solution? What is the cost?
Doctors' Answers

Dear Connie,
If the problem is mainly textural, laser resurfacing would give you the best result. If there is a large amount of excess skin, then a facelift of some sort with skin removal and redraping would give you the best long-term improvement. The former treatment costs $3-5000 and the latter $5000 to $8000 depending upon what needs to be addressed.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

There are many options, depending on such factors as your appearance, complexion, goals, available recovery time and many others. It will be necessary for any Plastic Surgeon to see you, or at least quality photos, to begin to answer your questions.
It is possible to send photos through my website and probably others.

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Question: Male Face Lifts
I need information on facelift for men, and what I can expect if I do have one. I am 50 years old and feel that I need one to stay in the work force I am in.
Doctor's Answer
Male facelift can be extremely gratifying. The loose, hanging skin of the face and neck can be repositioned to give a more youthful appearance. Try looking at yourself in the mirror and pulling on your face and neck skin in an upward and backward direction. This may give you some idea of what could be accomplished. Expect to take 2 or 3 weeks off work to recover from the surgery.
Question: Tightening the Jawline
Is there a procedure that merely tightens the jawline. Is so, what is the approximate cost, amount of time needed for procedure, and recovery time.
Doctor's Answer
Variations on the standard facelift operation will tighten the jawline. The operation takes 2 to 3 hours and requires 1 to 2 weeks recovery from bruising and swelling. Costs vary significantly and quotes of cost are meaningleing.

David Ross MD

Question: Surgery for a Saggy Neck
I would like to tighten my neck, its a little saggy...what does it entail...Thanks.
Doctor's Answer

Dear Gary,
If the excess is mainly skin, what is entailed is a neck lift with essentially the same incisions and down time (about 2 weeks) as a facelift. Often the muscles of the neck also need to be addressed and this is done through a small incision under the chin. Liposuction and "week end" facelift will not help with the skin excess.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: Botox and Face Lifts - Are there Risks?
I have been using restylane and botox for 6 months with good results.I am considering a facelift.Do the botox and restylane interfere with the surgery?Thank you.
Doctors' Answers
Dear Lainie,
I would suggest that you consider a brow lift so that you no longer require the botox injections. These should have no interference with face or brow lift procedures. The restylane is a different story. As long as a large amount been injected for a long time, there should be little problem as long as the surgeon stays very deep to the plane where it is present in your skin. There can be problems with infection and extrusion after the procedure with areas so treated. I thought that Restylane was only available in Canada so far?? Where did you have the injections performed.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Thank you for your information.My hope is that the botox will have softened the lines and broken my frown habit by the time I have the brow lift or facelift.My two year divorce goes to trial next month and an unreadable face is an asset! My Restylane injections were performed in NYC. My doctor gets the Restylane from Canada.They are injected in the nose lines and in my chin around the lower lip where there are lines from sun damage.

The botox will help with facial expressions but the long-term cure of removing the minor muscles of frowning should be done at the time of the brow lift. Be careful using non-FDA approved drugs since you would not be covered in any way from long-term possible complications.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: Is Liposuction Enough
how can you get rid of the flab under your chin. does it require plastic surgery
Doctor's Answer
Dear Rose,
Yes it does. If your skin is in excellent condition and there is not too much of it a simple liposuction procedure may be all that is required. If there is a large amount of excess skin as well, then a facelift type of procedure would be necessary to correct the problem.
Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon
Question: What to Expect After Face Lift Surgery
I am having a complete face lift. How long does the swelling and healing process take before I will see complete results? And what precautions should I take? How can I obtain the surgeons records? And could you add anything to my questions that might be benificial to my situation.. I am having my surgery Oct.24th.. Thank you,
Doctor's Answer

Dear Bobbi,
It seems a little late to be checking into your surgeon's qualifications but you should make certain that he/she is a member of ASAPS (the group of plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic procedures) and that he/she does often and does facelifts well. You should not take any aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) etc. for two weeks prior to the procedure. You will take about one month to heal although most of the swelling and scarring will be much better after two weeks. I would suggest that you make certain with your surgeon where the incisions will be placed and that your hairline will not be raised by the procedure (a particular problem with the old way of doing facelifts). Also, there are often many ancillary procedures and also many different types of facelifts (depth and extent of the procedure). You should make certain that the appropriate type is being planned for you. The best way to do this is to have multiple consultations with qualified surgeons.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: What is a Mini Face Lift?
What is the difference between a facelift and a mini facelift?
Doctor's Answer

Dear Holly,
There are about 17 different ways of performing facelift surgery involving different planes, different incisions, different associated procedures and with very different results. A mini-lift is usually done after a true facelift for a small amount of redundant skin that was not well handled with the first procedure.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Question: What is a Weekend Face Lift?
Would you explain the procedure known as the "weekend facelift"? I hear it can be done in the office, that recovery is just a couple of days and it's a third the cost of a regular facelift. Would it be appropriate if one's only problem is so-called "turkey neck"?
Doctors' Answers

The so called "weekend facelift" is basically liposuction of the neck combined with suturing the neck muscle bands together in the midline and sometimes using the laser on the undersurface of the sin of the neck. It can work well in individuals who are on the young side (30s and 40s), dont' have a lot of excess skin and have good skin tone. The so called "turkey neck" would probably not be a candidate, but you could consult with a local plastic surgeon.

Joshua Korman MD

Dear Marie,
That is exactly not what it is good for. The weekend facelift is vigorous liposuction coupled with inner surface laser resurfacing. Many of us are seeing the aftermath of these procedures and they are nearly impossible to correct. I would suggest that you speak with a local plastic surgeon in order to determine if liposuction alone would help you. If not, a facelift and necklift is the route to go - heal-up time is only about 7 to 10 days even from the more extensive procedure.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Be skeptical about any "weekend, lunchtime procedure." Caveat emptor!

Jonathan Berman MD

Question: Finding a Qualified Plastic Surgeon
I am interested in Composite Face Lift. Looking for specialist in that area of surgery. Any info would be appreciated.
Doctor's Answer

Dear Marci,
A great many of us are trained in the area of composite and deep plane facelifts. The surgeon who has been championing this technique for many years is Dr. Sam Hamra in Houston,TX.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon

Follow-Up Question
How do I find out who else performs this type of facelift? Also, what is the approximate cost?I live in Asheville, NC, and would like to find a surgeon closer to where I live, but will travel if I have to. I would also need to know how long the surgeon has been performing this type of facelift.
Thank you
Marci Robertson
Doctor's Answer

Dear Marci,
There are a large number of plastic surgeons in your area. I would suggest that you call their offices first and then consult with three or more of them and ask them how many and what training they have to perform this type of facelift. Also, I would suggest that you ask them if, indeed, you need this type of facelift.

Gregory Caputy Chief Surgeon