Pros and Cons of Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpture

A few excess pounds around the thighs, stomach or lower back can take its toll on your appearance, and these areas can become especially resistant to diet and exercise. Liposculpture offers one option for getting rid of body fat in these problem areas, and the Vaser liposculpture technique is one of the latest innovative procedures available. Vaser hi-def liposculpture is different from conventional liposuction because it uses ultrasound technology to contour and reshape the tissues after the body fat has been removed. The result is a chiseled and sculpted appearance, with a significant reduction in loose skin.
If you’ve been considering liposuction or body contouring procedures, here are the benefits and drawbacks of the Vaser Hi-Def procedure:

How Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpture Works

The body sculpting procedure with the Vaser technique begins with fat removal around the muscles or area that will be enhanced. The surgeon creates very small incisions around the muscle to begin liquefying the fat using the ultrasound energy waves, then removes the fat with a cannula. After the fat has been removed, the surgeon can manipulate the tissues and sculpt the area; in some cases, he or she may leave some fat behind to amplify the muscles and create a natural look. 
Muscle definition will be most noticeable a couple of weeks after surgery when the skin tissues have healed and had the chance to settle in place. The patient will notice a significant reduction in body fat and a tighter appearance immediately after the procedure, but swelling and water retention are likely for at least 72 hours after surgery.

Benefits of Vaser Liposculpture

One of the most significant benefits of the Vaser technique is the ability to target only the fat cells and fatty tissue under the skin. Traditional liposuction often results in significant damage to the surrounding blood vessels, connective tissue and even nerves around the body fat, but the Vaser liposculpture wand is precise enough to affect only body fat. This results in a faster healing process and less pain. Other key benefits of Vaser include:
  • Creating a sculpted, toned and athletic look
  • Quick and simple process
  • Less downtime than conventional liposuction
  • Reduced risk of muscle and skin laxity
  • Ability to spot-reduce body fat in very small areas
The Vaser Hi-Def procedure is most suitable for individuals who want to achieve a very buff and chiseled look, especially in the abdominal region, pectorals, upper or lower back, or the waistline.

Drawbacks of Vaser Liposculpture

While the Vaser technique offers several benefits over conventional liposuction, there are some drawbacks to this procedure. Liposculpture is a relatively extensive body contouring procedure, and there will be noticeable scars left from the incision site. Other drawbacks include:
  • Potential numbness and pain in the treated area
  • Up to six months to see complete body definition
  • Risk of developing seroma and/or inflammation
Vaser liposculpture may be the easiest way for you to lose stubborn body fat from problem areas, and offers several benefits over conventional liposuction procedures. Learn more about the Vaser liposelection technique in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to see if you are a good candidate for this body contouring procedure.