Pros and Cons of Ultherapy

Have you been seeing those laugh lines already? They are a reminder of your happy, younger years, aren’t they? But sometimes, these laugh lines are already the cause of your low self esteem in your 40’s and 50’s – the stages where the signs of aging comes. Admit it or not, we, women are mostly afraid of bodily change. Remember those years during our puberty? We are conscious about our pimples, our breasts, and even our body figure. This time, in old age, we are worrying about sagging boobs, wrinkles, prominent laugh lines, and even sagging neck skin. Oh yes, that neck skin that looks like the pouch in a chicken’s neck. 
One intervention that an aging woman may resort to is face-lift. But this one involves knife. Most women would think twice in undergoing the procedure because it’s invasive. Any operation that requires a knife is invasive. If they are afraid of this procedure, what else can they try? This is where Ultherapy comes into the picture.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is like a facelift but this time the surgical knife is erased from the scene. It’s a heat application system using a soft ultrasound applicator that addresses the collagens in the deeper levels of the skin. It’s like laser but it unlike it, it doesn’t address acne scar, pimples, and the like because it goes to the deeper layer of the skin where collagen sits. It activates it through concentrated heat; hence, the name Ultherapy.

Pros of Ultherapy

1.It’s a non-invasive procedure. You don’t have to worry of undergoing an operation just to put that glory back to your skin. For those ladies who want to have a face-lift but are too afraid to be cut by a surgical knife, this is a very good option for them.
2.You’ll encounter minimal pain during the procedure. While undergoing the procedure, you might experience some tingling sensation on your face while the applicator is emitting heat into the deep level tissues where the collagen is. But it will subside in a matter of minutes. You can even go shopping or meet your girlfriends after the procedure.
3.It is an effective way to tighten the skin. Ultherapy activates collagen through concentrated heat emitted by the ultrasound applicator. When collagen growth is activated, it contributes to the general elasticity of the skin being treated thus bringing back the glow to your saggy skin.

Cons of Ultherapy

1.It’s slightly expensive.  The full-face treatment may cost up to $3,000 while the brow area might cost up to $350.
2.The effect is not instant. You may wait for several weeks before you see the results. But the general population who has undergone the treatment has seen initial results days after it.