Pros and Cons of the AccuSculpt Laser-Assisted Lipolysis Procedure

If you want to get rid of excess fatty deposits on the face and body, traditional liposuction procedures may not be able to help you achieve the results you want. Less-invasive, targeted procedures using laser energy can help to target smaller areas of body fat that have become resistant to diet and exercise. The AccuSculpt system is one of the latest innovations in laser-assisted lipolysis, and can be administered to smaller areas of the face, as well as stubborn fatty deposits on the body.

Here’s a close look at how the AccuSculpt system works, and if you may be a good candidate for the laser-assisted lipolysis procedure:

How AccuSculpt Laser Assisted Lipolysis Works

The AccuSculpt laser-assited lipolysis procedure is a customized and safe fat removal procedure that targets stubborn fatty tissue on the chin, neck, love handles, saddlebags, hips and thighs. The procedure involves the use of a smaller cannula than traditional liposuction, and is a very precise and targeted procedure that can help to break down fatty deposits while strengthening and toning the surrounding skin. The procedure is commonly used to help shape and tone the face, and can be a part of a facelift treatment process.

Key Benefits of AccuSculpt

AccuSculpt is a minimally-invasive procedure because there is a lower risk for side effects including bruising, swelling and discomfort. There is also a low risk of burns in the treatment area, and most patients experience little to no discomfort during the treatment process. Younger patients can expect to achieve better results with the procedure because the skin will heal fast and retain its tightened and toned appearance. Some of the key benefits of the AccuSculpt procedure include:
  • Little to no downtime
  • Can be performed on patients up to 70 years old
  • Few risks of post-operative swelling or excessive pain
  • Can be performed with local anesthesia
  • Few risks of burns in the treatment area
  • Helps to tighten and tone the skin
  • Liquefies fat before removal which causes less discomfort
  • Can target stubborn fatty deposits

Drawbacks of the AccuSculpt Procedure

While the AccuSculpt body sculpting system offers several benefits, there are some drawbacks to this innovative procedure. Some of the risks associated with AccuSculpt include:
  • Marginal risk of burning and swelling after the procedure
  • Temporary numbness of the treated area
  • Irregularities of the skin post-procedure
  • Marginal risk of blood clots and infection in the treatment area
Even though some people may experience skin irregularities after the procedure, the body can be sculpted and toned further with body shaping procedures such as VelaShape. A support garment can be worn for up to a week or more after the procedure to help shape and tone the body as it heals after the procedure.
Learn more about laser-assisted liposuction in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for the AccuSculpt procedure.