Pros and Cons of Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

If you’ve decided to pursue liposuction to get rid of excess body fat, you’ll soon find that every surgeon uses a different technique. Liposuction continues to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of body fat permanently, but a surgeon may decide to use a combination of different techniques to achieve lasting results. Power Assisted Liposuction is one of several techniques used for permanent fat removal.
When you are discussing your options for liposuction with your doctor, consider the following benefits and drawbacks of the Power Assisted Liposuction technique:

How Power Assisted Liposuction Works

Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is one of the latest innovative fat removal techniques available; PAL promises to create less trauma to the tissues during the suction process because the procedure relies on a vibrating cannula that loosens the fat cells while suctioning out the fat. The vibrations help to loosen up the fat cells much more quickly, and the surgeon can break down larger fatty deposits with ease. 

Key Benefits of Power Assisted Liposuction

More targeted – the surgeon can easily move the cannula around large areas to get rid of both large and small fatty deposits
Low risk of bruising or excessive bleeding – unlike conventional liposuction technique, the vibrating cannula helps reduce the risk of trauma to the surrounding skin tissues, resulting in less bruising and bleeding
Smaller incisions – since the cannula is much smaller than standard liposuction techniques, the surgeon can create very small incisions to reach the fatty deposits. This may mean a faster healing time and less noticeable scars after healing is complete.

Drawbacks of Power Assisted Liposuction

While power assisted liposuction does offer several benefits, the procedure is not without its risks. Some surgeons do believe that the PAL procedure is inferior to other techniques such as ultrasonic liposuction and Vaser liposuction. Some of the drawbacks of this technique include:
High rate of complications – PAL does have higher rates of complications when compared to conventional tumescent techniques
Poor results – if the surgeon is not experienced in using the vibrating cannula, the result may be ‘lumps’ of body fat that were not removed correctly
Loose skin – PAL is effective at removing large amounts of body fat, but does not help to tighten up the skin. There are some liposuction technique available that help to sculpt and tighten the skin during the fat removal process and may yield much better results.
Power assisted liposuction offers several benefits for those who have considered conventional tumescent techniques, but to some surgeons, it is still an ‘outdated’ procedure.  Setting realistic expectations for the outcome with this technique is an important step when considering the PAL procedure for fat removal. Still, some surgeons may use a combination of PAL and ultrasound or Vaser LipoSelection in order to achieve the best results.
Learn more about liposuction options in our surgery guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if Power Assisted Liposuction is the best match for you.