Popular Butt Lift Types

There are many ways to go about performing a butt lift. A cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon will tell you, the act of lifting the butt permanently can be done by either inserting butt implants, or removing fat from the body and tranfering it to the butt. 

What Butt Lift Style Option are Out There?

Making that choice isn't always easy. One way to help you decide is to give you popular options. We've done that homework for you too. Below is a list of the most popular butt lift techniques.

What are Some Popular Butt Lift Types?

Read about the most popular butt lift techniques to see which one fits your desired outcome. Click here if you want to see buttocks augmentaion before and after pictures.  

  • Traditional Butt Lift
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Colombian Butt Lift

What are Some Advantages to the Butt Lift?

  • Tightens and lifts a sagging buttocks
  • Removes excess and loose skin to enhance the appearance of the buttocks
  • Good procedure for patients who experience a massive weight loss

What are Some Disadvantages to the Butt Lift?

  • Does not add volume or projection to the buttocks
  • Scarring and downtime can be significant. (Type in at the top right of this page to find out more about buttocks augmentation recovery)