Pain-Free Recovery After Abdominoplasty or Mommy Makeover Now Possible

Dr. William Rosenblatt, Director of Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Center, is now using Exparel, a new local anesthetic formulation that can provide 2 to 3 days of pain-free tummy tuck recovery or "Mommy Makeover."
"We have used this new anesthetic formulation for the past 6 months and our patients are raving about it" -- William Rosenblatt, MD
Prior to the development of this new formulation, patients would receive an oral narcotic and then post-operatively go home with an external pain pump, which automatically infused local anesthetic into the operated site over a 3-day period.
Benefits of the new long-acting anesthetic:
  • Negates the need to use an external pain pump
  • Decreases the need for oral narcotics to alleviate pain and problems with nausea and constipation that often occur
  • May also be used with other cosmetic surgical procedures that may be painful post-operatively.
Dr. Rosenblatt, who is double certified in both plastic surgery AND ear, nose, and throat specialties, was among the first plastic surgeons to adopt this new procedure. He has been invited by the drug manufacturer to teach other surgeons about the benefits of this new anesthetic formulation.