Obesity and Depression: How the Slimband® Can Help

By: Slimband® Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

Depression and obesity often go hand in hand. While one may not directly cause the other, a combination of depression and obesity can severely limit an individual’s ability to lose weight. In order to successfully fight obesity, many weight loss patients are advised to seek psychological support in addition to professional weight loss guidance. Through this combined method of treatment, patients can experience weight loss and an improved quality of life.

Overcoming Emotional Eating with the Slimband®

Weight loss can only be achieved through the development of healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, depression can lead to a variety of eating disorders—making it very difficult for depressed patients to maintain a healthy diet. Patients who struggle to control emotional eating may consistently fail at conventional diet techniques.
In order to overcome this challenge, some patients turn to bariatric weight loss surgery, such as gastric banding. These types of surgeries physically limit the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. However, even when surgical weight loss methods are used, patients experiencing depression may require support groups and professional guidance to combat obesity depression and develop a consistently healthy diet.

Self-Esteem and Mood Before the Slimband®

While obesity is becoming more and more common in North America, it continues to carry a social stigma. Obese individuals often suffer from self-esteem and body-image issues that can contribute to depression. Obese children and teens are also highly susceptible to weight-related stress, anxiety, and depression.
Therapy, support groups, and professional weight loss coaching promote weight loss by helping treat the emotional effects of obesity. At Slimband®, in our Toronto weight loss surgery clinic, patients are monitored and supported in the months following weight loss surgery. Our revolutionary weight loss support program includes fun group activities to help patients feel motivated while establishing healthy lifestyle choices.

A Happy Ending with the Slimband®

The desire to lose weight is rarely a matter of vanity or simply wanting to fit into a smaller clothing size. Activity, good diet, and weight loss are crucial to health and longevity. While obesity has serious side effects—ranging from diabetes to heart disease—day-to-day hassles and negative experiences can be the most debilitating side effects.
Now that doctors have identified biological and social links between obesity and depression, obese patients can look forward to improving mood, energy, and stress levels as weight loss goals are achieved. Doctor-operated weight loss clinics like Slimband® in Toronto utilize a more holistic approach that addresses the physical and emotional aspects of obesity treatment. With this plan of attack, patients can go on to live healthier, happier lives after weight loss.