Non-Surgical Procedures that Can Shrink Your Waistline

Tired of dieting and exercising and not seeing that waistline shrink away? You don’t have to give up on the battle of the bulge just yet. Head to your local medical spa or cosmetic surgery center and settle in for a non-surgical procedure that can sculpt, tone and tighten your body and whittle that waistline without a single incision. Sound good to be true? It’s not. Many surgeons and medical spas around the United States now offer several options for those who want to lose a few inches without going under the knife.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon or a medical spa in your area to find out more about some of today’s top non-surgical body contouring procedures. You can learn about the best treatment options available based on your goals and budget, and get started on a treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle!

Lose Inches with Zerona

Zerona has been spotlighted in the media as an innovative fat-melting and body shaping treatment. The non-invasive laser works by releasing the body fat inside the cells so that the body can flush away the excess fat naturally. Most people need to undergo a series of Zerona treatments over a course of two weeks, and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to see results. The jury’s still out on whether Zerona can help you lose those extra inches around your waistline for good, but many patients have reported very positive results.

Say Goodbye to Body Fat with Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Zeltiq CoolSculpting received FDA approval in 2010 for getting rid of body fat around the love handles. If you’re struggling to lose those stubborn inches around your lower waistline, you could be a good candidate for this cold therapy procedure. Zeltiq works by freezing the fat cells until they are destroyed. The fat is pinched and held in place with an innovative handheld device, and cooled until it reaches freezing point. The body then flushes these cells out through the natural detoxification process over the course of a few weeks and months. Most patients see results within six weeks of their first session, and can resume physical activities – including exercise – immediately after their procedure.

Slim Down with VelaShape

If you want to lose a few inches around your stomach, love handles and waistline, book a series of VelaShape treatments. VelaShape can slim and contour the body by firming and tightening the skin, and can also shrink those stubborn fat cells around your waistline. You will need to undergo a series of at least four to six treatments in order to see significant results, and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your treatment process. VelaShape can be performed on all skin types, and is most effective for people who are of average weight.

Learn more about the latest body contouring procedures in our information guide, or set up a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for Zerona, Zeltiq, VelaShape and other non-surgical procedures that can shrink your waistline.