New You Magazine Showcases Latest in Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Procedures

New You magazine is the official magazine of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and is currently in its second year of publication. The magazine provides information and insights about today’s most popular cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, and the latest developments in anti-aging straight from the source – the cosmetic surgeons and specialists who perform them on a daily basis.

New You magazine recently won the Silver Folio Award for the Best Single Article in a Women’s Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine. Other finalists in the running for this award were Marie Claire and Family Circle. The award was for the story Facial Fillers 101, written by executive editor Elyza Drewa.

In a recent press release, publisher Peter Mansfield states, “We are very proud to have received this prestigious award, especially considering the competition we faced…we are just entering our second year of publication, whereas both the other finalists have been published since the 1930s.”

Highlights of New You Magazine

New You magazine is available in both print and digital formats by subscription, but a lot of the content is also posted online on the magazine’s website The website includes basic information about different procedures, current trends in the beauty and anti-aging industry, videos, and featured doctors around the country.

Some of the key features and highlights of New You magazine include:

  • Editor’s blog with notes and insights from executive editor Eliza Drewa
  • “The Men’s Room” showcasing information on aesthetic and anti-aging procedures and treatments specifically for men
  • Top Story section with the latest news and information from around the globe, including interviews with plastic surgeons and anti-aging doctors
  • Videos featuring before and after images and insights from doctors and surgeons, and magazine shoots
  • Questions and Answers about different procedures and treatments

The editorial advisory board of New You magazine consists of nine well-known AACS cosmetic doctors. These doctors verify the medical accuracy of the articles and information published in the magazine and on the website, and many have performed some of today’s most sought-after procedures. The advisory board includes board-certified cosmetic surgeons, world-renowned dermatologists, members of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

The magazine also maintains a blog with information about trends and news stories. Recent blog post features cover topics such as The Cellulite Battle, The Art of Age Defiance, The Secret Power of Breasts and High-Tech Skin Fix. New You magazine currently has a circulation of over 250,000 and is distributed nationwide at newsstands, airports, bookstores and in the waiting rooms of 20,000 cosmetic surgeons and anti-aging doctors.

Many of the procedures and topics covered in New You Magazine are also covered in depth on Visit our Research Your Procedure section for the latest treatment options and news about cosmetic and plastic surgery. Our information guides can educate you about your procedure and help you find a cosmetic or plastic surgeon who offers the services you need!