5 Myths Fertility Doctors Hear

Infertility Pregnancy - LocateADoc.comGetting pregnant is an inexact science. Some might even say the documentation available about fertility is complete and utter mysticism. When something as important as getting pregnant is on the table, there are bound to be people calling mythology and opinion as tried and tested facts. It is an unfortunate circumstance, as is the fact that around 15% of couples have problems with infertility. 
Here are five common misconceptions fertility doctors hear from their patients:

Myth #1:  Coffee isn’t a problem

This is not true. Studies have shown that even one cup of coffee per day can harm the chances of getting pregnant; up to a colossal 50% decrease in the chance. That is definitely one reason to give it up, if you are trying to conceive a child. It is not just coffee, but caffeine on the whole. There is caffeine in many products, such as chocolate and tea. Good alternatives would be decaffeinated coffee and red-bush tea. There are decaffeinated versions of all caffeinated beverages, so that shouldn’t stand in your way.

Myth #2: Smoking isn’t a problem as long as you quit as soon as you find out you’re pregnant

It’s not just that smoking harms a baby, which it really does. It is that smoking harms chances of conceiving. About 13% of infertility cases are due to smoking, which makes a very scary statistic for the mother-to-be who is smoking and drinking coffee. It cuts chances down by over two thirds.

Myth #3: Fertility for men doesn’t have a limit

That is as wrong for men as it is for women. The fertility of men drops from the age of 40 onwards, which is contrary to popular opinion. The age of the parents when they conceive also has a link to abnormalities to the child, which could then be genetically passed down many generations.

Myth #4 Having sex daily increases your chances dramatically

This is not true, because sperm cells need time to mature and recharge. Having sex every other day is just as effective as having it every day, because sperm concentration is relatively constant, no matter how often the sex is.

Myth #5 Physical exercise is a way to counter to aging gonads

No, exercising is not a counter to age. Your ovaries will still age, even if your body is healthy. A healthy mind and body are, of course, good for fertility; however, it isn’t like they can affect the workings of your body on the inside in such a dramatic way.

Photo By Parker Knight [Creative Commons http://goo.gl/xhfN4X]