Mother gives 8-year-old Botox

Mother says OK to 8-Year-Old Daughter's BOTOX Request

Kerry Campbell says she sees nothing wrong with injecting her 8-year-old daughter with BOTOX. Her daughter says the anti-aging treatment is a bit painful but it enhances her appearance for beauty pageants.

"I see like wrinkles and it just like, I just like don't like wrinkles," said the 8-year-old Britney on ABC's Good Morning America.

Campbell from San Francisco is unapologetic for the BOTOX treatment on her 8-year-old. 

 "I do Botox myself. It's safe," she said on ABC's Good Morning America. 

Campbell told the news organization she got the idea from other beauty pageant moms who also perform the procedure on their young daughters.
BOTOX Injections are performed on millions of people a year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The injections are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and have become increasing popular through the years in the anti-aging market.


Is it Illegal to Give an 8-Year-Old BOTOX?

According to Dr. Eric Joseph, a successful facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey it is  not illegal, but it is discouraged. 
"BOTOX cosmetic works well for improving the appearance of frown lines, forehead line, and crows feet next to the eyes. Wrinkles such as these may present in the mid twenties, however, there is no significant facial aging in an eight year old child."


How BOTOX Works

When performing BOTOX, anti aging specialists inject a needle into a persons face reducing the nerve impluses linked to the muscles in that area. The BOTOX causes paralysis to that area of the face.


BOTOX use on Children

Joseph, whose youngest patient was 21 years old, says he has heard of cases in which children are given Botox shots, but they are cases in which the child has a medical condition that warrants the use.

"Neurologists use BOTOX for certain pediatric conditions that manifest with severe muscle spasms," said Joseph. Joseph says the BOTOX label clearly states it is to be used on people ages 18-65 for cosmetic purposes.When asked if this type of treatment would impact the child's hormone production as she grows, Joseph responded, "Only God knows."