Microcurrent Facials At Home: Does the NuFace Skin Toning System Really Work?

Stress, a lack of sleep or even an unhealthy diet can all take their toll on your face and skin, leaving you with sagging skin, premature wrinkles and a duller complexion. Regular facial treatments and more extensive treatments such as the microcurrent facial can give your face an instant ‘lift’, but a series of treatments can cost upward of $1,000 - $1,500 per program. The NuFace Microcurrent Skin Toning device has recently entered the market, and promises to deliver similar results as an in-office treatment at a fraction of the price – and all from the comfort of your own home. Can the NuFace device replace your in-office facial sessions?

How the NuFace Microcurrent System Works  

Microcurrent facials may be the ‘next generation’ of facial toning, a treatment that involves passing electrical currents into the skin to promote blood circulation as it tightens and tones the muscles. The NuFace Microcurrent System is designed to deliver these skin-stimulating waves through its handheld device, and delivers a frequency of up to 500 MicroAmps during a session. The device delivers a series of electrical impulses to the facial muscles so that skin tissues become firmer, stronger and more resilient. The electrical impulses are gentle enough to tone up the skin without causing pain on the skin’s surface, but powerful enough to stimulate the muscles and skin tissues at a deeper level. This results in more balanced, toned and more youthful look.   

The NuFace Microcurrent System involves applying a simple handheld device to the specific regions of the face so that the muscles underneath receive electrical stimulation. The face and skin are prepared for the treatment with a pre-treatment gel or cream, and the skin can be enhanced further with post-treatment beauty products that help tighten and tone the skin immediately. The NuFace Microcurrent System is designed for daily use, and results may be achieved after a short series of treatments.  

This video provides a demonstration of the NuFace Microcurrent Facial System:    


Benefits and Drawbacks of the NuFace Microcurrent Facial System  

The NuFace Microcurrent System  offers several benefits for those looking for an at-home antiaging treatment, but does present some drawbacks.   

Key benefits of the NuFace Microcurrent system include:

  • Costs under $400
  • Helps hydrate, tone and stimulate the skin
  • Microcurrent intensity can be controlled
  • Reduces tension in the facial muscles  

Drawbacks of the NuFace Microcurrent system include:

  • May be too gentle to create a significant difference
  • Requires application of exclusive skincare products
  • Ongoing use of device and products required to maintain results  

Microcurrent facials are an innovative alternative to the conventional facelift, a quick and simple way to enhance muscle tone around the face, reduce fine lines and even stimulate collagen production in aging skin. Stimulating with a series of electrical currents is a proven way to improve the vitality of the skin and trigger the cell renewal cycle.   

The Microcurrent NuFace Skin Toning system attempts to start this process and help you achieve a fresh and healthy appearance, but may be a less-powerful version of the conventional microcurrent treatment at the cosmetic surgeon’s office. While the Microcurrent NuFace Skin Toning system offers the advantages of lower cost and enjoying a facial at your leisure, most people can count on dramatic results with a series of treatments at the doctor’s office.  

Learn more about microcurrent facials in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you’re a good candidate for this facial rejuvenation treatment.