Massage After Cosmetic Surgery? Are You a Good Candidate?

You’re well-prepared for that cosmetic surgery procedure or plastic surgery treatment, but are you ready to take care of yourself after the procedure is over?  

Cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures often lead to pain, stress and anxiety as your body recovers and tries to repair itself. This healing process can also have an impact on your well-being, and you may need extra emotional and physical support to get through it.  

However, turning to medication to handle post-surgery problems isn’t your only option; managing the common effects of your procedure or treatment could be as simple as a back or body massage.  

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Pain from cosmetic surgery can linger for weeks and even months, but pain-relieving medications often lead to dependency and uncomfortable side effects. Instead of turning to pain medication, alternative treatments and therapy could provide more benefits. Health experts suggest that massage treatments are an incredibly effective way to handle pain, anxiety, and distress following major surgery.  

“Patients experienced a faster rate of decrease in pain intensity and unpleasantness during the first four postoperative days compared with the control group” reports Dr. Daniel B. Hinshaw, professor of surgery at the VA Ann Harbor Healthcare in Michigan in the Archives of Surgery. Because massage therapy has proven to be so effective, it is now a part of the post-surgical recovery and treatment options at the Ann Arbor medical facility.  

In Massage Therapy Gains Signs of Acceptance (, Dr. Noah Finkel, chief of staff at Huntington Hospital, explains that he offers massage treatment as part of rehabilitation for trauma patients and those experiencing muscle soreness. A twenty to forty-minute massage session could be all you need to combat stress and get through those post-surgery days with ease.  

Why Massage After Surgery Works

Massage releases endorphins into the body - natural painkillers produced by the body- so you may feel better instantly, and even cope with the pain without medication at all.  

Other benefits of massage therapy after surgery include:

  • Improved blood flow: Since massage naturally increases blood flow to the major muscle groups, it can also raise the metabolism and increase production of healthier cells.
  • Improved skin tone: Increased circulation can help your cells and skin heal quickly. This can be especially helpful after cosmetic surgery procedures and skin enhancing treatments.
  • Deeper sleep: A good night’s rest helps the body restore itself, and this is especially important after surgery. Massage therapy can help you sleep deeper so you can recover and heal faster.
  • Reduced symptoms of depression: The endorphin boost from massage can elevate your mood. This can make dealing with stress and anxiety much easier.

Regular massage therapy treatments offer countless health benefits on their own, but are now becoming an effective post-surgical treatment. From improving skin tone to boosting circulation, massage is an effective way to help you manage the pain and stress of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery procedures.  

Many doctors and Medspas now offer post-surgery massage services at their clinic, or can help you find care with a massage therapist they work with. Managing pain without medication is possible, and ongoing massage therapy is an effective way to take care of yourself after the treatment is over.