Making Cellulite Disappear - Is it Possible?

Stubborn fatty deposits and small pockets of fat can ruin your figure, but getting rid of cellulite with a healthy diet and exercise program alone may be impossible.   

Researchers report that nearly 95 percent of women have cellulite on their body, and cellulite accumulation is typically a result of genetics, lifestyle, and diet.  Still, achieving a sleek, beautiful, and cellulite-free figure may be possible with the right cellulite treatment procedure. From liposuction to mesotherapy, you have a few options for making that cellulite disappear for good.  

Cellulite Removal – What Are the Options?  

Many people turn to creams, lotions, and even body wraps at the spa to achieve a sleek and youthful figure; these products and services promise to break down cellulite and help channel the tissues out of the body naturally. However, topical methods cannot work unless they penetrate the skin’s layers; cellulite sits inside the subcutaneous layer of fat, and will not absorb the ingredients from products applied to the skin.   

Dr. Garry S. Brody, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Southern California says, "Women who believe they can eliminate cellulite through creams, or even weight loss, are likely to be disappointed." (Source:

Cellulite creams and products do offer other benefits, however; they are often rich in emollients, Vitamin E, and natural oils that can keep skin moisturized and also reduce the signs of stretch marks and other skin problems. Still, with today’s innovative technologies and treatments in cosmetic surgery, there are better options for effective cellulite removal.  

Liposuction , endermologie, and mesotherapy are just a few procedures that can help remove those extra pockets of fat.  

Liposuction is not designed for weight loss, but continues to be one of the most popular procedures for cosmetic enhancements. Regular and ultrasonic liposuction procedures work by liquefying the fat and removing it completely from the body. This process may also break down cellulite, and leave behind only healthy muscle tissue and skin.  

Endermologie is also known as ‘lipomassage’, a non-invasive procedure that attacks localized fat and patches of cellulite with a deep and vigorous massage. The fat cells are stimulated and broken down from the pressure of the massage, and frequent sessions may result in varied levels of cellulite removal. This may be a valuable method of cellulite removal for anyone who does not want to undergo surgery.  

Mesotherapy is another non-surgical treatment that can be used for both cellulite removal and skin rejuvenation. This procedure is another alternative to liposuction, and involves a series of injections that contain plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients with stimulating properties that attack the fat cells. This treatment was developed in France in the 1950s and is widely popular in Europe. Examples of mesotherapy include LipoDissolve and other injection-based treatments, but these treatments are pending FDA approval.    

Is Cellulite Removal Safe?  

Both surgical and non-invasive cellulite removal procedures offer promising results for anyone looking to improve their body image, re-shape their figure, or just look younger.  Still, all procedures to present a number of side effects and complications, and the cosmetic surgeon will go over these details with you during the consultation.  

Getting rid of cellulite is possible with the right procedure and you may need to shift towards healthier lifestyle habits to maintain results.  When you’re ready to get rid of excess fatty tissue and unsightly cellulite for good, consulting with a cosmetic surgery doctor or specialist in your area will help you pick the right treatment.