Maintain Your Youthful Look with the SmartSkin Skin Tightening Laser

As the face and the body age, and wrinkles become more prominent, it can be hard to keep skin looking fresh, youthful and smooth with makeup alone. Many women and even some men turn to their cosmetic dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for the latest wrinkle treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments. The SmartSkin skin tightening laser system is among the latest developments in skin rejuvenation and can help to get rid of those lines and wrinkles for good.

Learn more about the SmartSkin skin tightening laser and other skin rejuvenation procedures by setting up a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area. Your dermatologist will perform a thorough skin analysis, learn more about your goals and recommend a treatment plan that will help you maintain your youthful look.

Benefits of the SmartSkin Skin Tightening Laser

The SmartSkin skin tightening system is designed to treat the advanced signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, sagging skin and an uneven skin tone. The treatment is administered on an outpatient basis and can be customized based on the desired results and your skin type. Some of the top benefits of the SmartSkin skin tightening laser include:

  • Can be administered in just under 20 minutes, depending on the treatment area
  • Completely customizable based on your skin type
  • Relatively painless procedure
  • Performed on an outpatient basis
  • Visible results within weeks of treatment
  • Minimal downtime when compared to other skin resurfacing procedures
  • Promotes rapid collagen production

In addition to tightening the skin on the face and neck, the SmartSkin skin tightening laser can be used to treat stretch marks. Many cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons use the SmartSkin system at different settings to eradicate stretch marks and improve the quality of weak or untoned skin.

How the SmartSkin Skin Tightening Device Works

The SmartSkin skin tightening laser is based on microablative technology and also uses a skin scanning delivery system to promote collagen rejuvenation. This is what makes this system different than other laser and skin tightening systems. The SmartSkin skin tightening device not only gets rid of the damaged layer of skin, but also encourages rapid skin cell renewal so that skin grows back stronger, thicker and more resilient.

The SmartSkin laser is positioned directly over the skin and the laser is fired according to the pre-programmed settings. A scanner is used to pinpoint the areas of the skin that need to be treated, and the doctor or skincare specialist can select a treatment level that will eradicate age spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and other skin problems.

Learn more about the latest skin rejuvenation procedures in our information guide, or get in touch with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for the SmartSkin skin tightening laser. The SmartSkin skin tightening system is currently only available at some medical spas and dermatology centers in the United States.