Lumineers by Cerinate - What You Need to Know

If you’ve been looking for a painless way to achieve a healthy looking smile, your cosmetic dentist may have recommended dental veneers instead of implants or braces. Dental veneers, especially ultra-thin veneers such as Lumineers, are custom designed to create a beautiful-looking smile and do not require any drilling or extensive scraping of the tooth structure.

Lumineers that are applied using the Cerinate technique can be completed in as little as two visits and can help to correct misshapen and stained teeth. Here’s a close look at how Lumineers by Cerinate work, and if you may be a good candidate for this type of smile makeover:

How Lumineers by Cerinate Work

On your first visit after the consultation, the cosmetic dentist will make an impression of your teeth with a mold sent by the Cerinate Smile Design Studios. On the second visit, your dentist will be able to test the custom made Lumineers to make sure they fit properly. The teeth are etched slightly using a small drill so that the lumineers can be positioned in place to create a natural look. When they fit properly, the Lumineers are bonded to the teeth using a special bonding solution and then set in place using a curing light.
You will be given special instructions to take care of your Lumineers dental veneers, and may be asked to come in for a follow up visit for a general cleaning and check up. However, all of the placement and positioning is completed in just two visits.

Benefits of Lumineers by Cerinate

Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers by Cerinate do not require any anesthetic shots or extensive shaving of the teeth. If you choose traditional dental veneers, the dentist may still make an impression using a specialized mold, but the mold and tray technology are not designed by the special design studio. In order to prepare the veneers for placement using traditional techniques, the dentist must numb the area with anesthetic shots and spend a significant amount of time shaving and drilling the teeth to accommodate for the veneers.
After the teeth have been shaved down – typically a painful procedure – the dentist can place the new dental veneers onto the teeth permanently. This means you do not have the option of making adjustments or having your smile reworked if it does not look completely natural.
The Lumineers by Cerinate technique offers a number of benefits over traditional veneers. These veneers:
  • Create a natural-looking smile
  • Reduce the need for extensive tooth etching or modification
  • Do not require removal of the sensitive tooth structure
  • Can be administered in just two visits
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Do not require anesthesia
  • Can last for over 20 years and can be modified after placement
Learn more about dental veneers in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic dentist in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for Lumineers by Cerinate, and other innovative smile makeover solutions.