Losing the Fat with Smart Lipo Treatments

Major life events such as pregnancy, menopause, and even general hormonal shifts often lead to weight gain that becomes difficult to manage. Even when you’re committed to a healthy diet and workout routine to lose weight, you may be left with stubborn fatty deposits that never seem to disappear no matter how many pounds you lose.  

Smart Lipo treatments offer one solution to a problem millions of women cope with after mild to moderate weight gain. Instead of resorting to expensive plastic surgery and liposuction, many are turning to a low-cost procedure that can effectively reduces the size of extra fat cells to leave the skin tight, taught, and healthy. If you’re struggling with those last 3-5 ‘vanity pounds’, or just aren’t getting the results you need from a workout program, Smart Lipo may be a valuable way to improve your appearance.  

How Smart Lipo Works

Smart Lipo is a fat removal procedure that can ‘melt’ away localized fat in just one session. There is no incision or suturing involved with this cosmetic procedure because the fatty tissue is fired with a laser pen that breaks up the fat cells instead. These cells are drained from the body through the body’s lymphatic system, so you won’t need any extra surgery or other procedures after the session is over.   

The entire Smart Lipo procedure typically takes no longer than 45 minutes and most people recover within 72 hours of treatment. Most patients will need between 1-3 sessions to see results, and smaller deposits will require far less treatment. Since the laser also reacts to collagen and blood vessels under the skin’s surface, most people experience mild bruising and skin sensitivity for a few days after treatment.  

Am I A Good Candidate for Smart Lipo Treatments?

Smart Lipo is a cosmetic enhancing procedure, which means it is not designed to treat obesity or remove large amounts of fat. If you’re within 20-25 lbs. of your ideal weight, exercise regularly, but still have stubborn fatty deposits that aren’t responding to changes in your diet or workout routine, Smart Lipo may help you achieve the results you want.  

Still, Smart Lipo treatments aren’t for everyone; anyone with diabetes, blood disorders, heart and liver problems, or even general skin disorders are at risk for a number of health problems associated with Smart Lipo.  

How Do I Get Started with Smart Lipo?

A consultation with a doctor in your area is the first step of the process; this assessment will determine if you are a good candidate given your health background and goals, and you may be able to view before and after pictures of other Smart Lipo patients.   

According to DermaNetwork.org, the average cost of Smart Lipo treatments is $2,000 and $6,000 per session, and this will vary depending on the location of the doctor and the number of treatments you may need. Patient Financing and flexible payment plans are some ways to manage the costs of Smart Lipo and other cosmetic enhancing procedures.  

After you schedule and complete your treatment, the physician may monitor your recovery process and recommend various products and services for long-term care. Since fat cells are not completely removed with Smart Lipo treatments, that fat can return without appropriate care. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and sticking with a balanced diet are still necessary, and can help you maintain your new look for the long term.  

Bottom Line:  If you’re frustrated with fatty deposits that never seem to go away – even after making changes to your diet and exercise routine – Smart Lipo may be a valuable way to improve your appearance.

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