Liposuction Procedures with Low Downtime

If you’ve been thinking about getting liposuction, you may have hesitated to book your procedure because of the downtime involved. Liposuction can be a fairly extensive procedure, and the post-operative plan can include several weeks of light activity, taking prescription pain medication and even a restricted diet. Your plastic or cosmetic surgeon will provide you with an estimated time of recovery and post-operative care plan during your consultation.

It’s important to keep in mind that different techniques will deliver different results, and some of the latest liposuction procedures require less downtime than others. Set up a consultation with a plastic or cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for liposuction. Your doctor will explain the risks and benefits of different procedures, and can also explain which types of procedures have low downtime.

Tickle Lipo

Tickle Lipo is among the latest advances in liposuction and body sculpting, a procedure that involves a vibrating and rotating cannula. The gentle vibrations make it easier for the surgeon to remove body fat without harming the surrounding tissues. This results in a speedy recovery and little downtime. Tickle Lipo is also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture because of the way that the cannula moves during the procedure. The fat cells are completely dislodged during the treatment and so the surgeon can extract the cells quickly and easily. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and most patients can resume regular activities within the same week.

VASER LipoSelection

VASER is another innovative fat removal procedure that is now available at many plastic and cosmetic surgery centers around the United States. This procedure uses ultrasound technology to selectively target the areas that need to be treated, and is a very effective technique for body sculpting and body shaping. The ultrasonic energy emulsifies the fat and the surrounding tissue is left untouched. The result is a smoother, more sculpted appearance and this procedure requires a very tiny incision. VASER LipoSelection produces predictable results and can tighten the skin. Patients have reported minimal pain and low downtime with this procedure.

Body Jet Liposuction

Body-Jet liposuction, also known as water-assisted liposuction, is another relatively new procedure that promises a rapid recover and fewer risks than traditional lipo. This procedure requires less fluid than traditional liposuction which means a faster recovery time. A very small, spray of water pulsates through a tiny nozzle to break up the body fat without damaging surrounding tissues. The surgeon is able to harvest the unwanted body fat easily to transfer it to other parts of the body if needed.

Liposuction procedures that require little downtime can make it easier to manage the post-operative effects of surgery and recover with great results. Many liposuction procedures with low downtime allow patients to resume physical activities within a few weeks, instead of months after the procedure.

Learn more about liposuction in our information guide, or consult with a plastic or cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for any of the above procedures that involve low downtime.