Liposuction Doctor Reacts to Liposuction Study


Liposuction Study’s Surprising Results: Fat Comes Back after Plastic Surgery

A highly respected doctor in the liposuction industry is reacting to a recent liposuction study published in the Obesity Research Journal. The study, titled “Fat Redistribution Following Suction Lipectomy: Defense of Body Fat and Patterns of Restoration”, says non-obese patients who undergo liposuction tend to gain weight elsewhere in the body within a year after surgery. Dr. John Porcaro with Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery says the study sounds more like common sense.

"Liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure," says Porcaro. 

Porcaro who performs liposuction at his surgery center says he tells his patients liposuction doesn't stop them from gaining weight in the future, it just gets rid of the fat you want to get rid of at that moment.

"We get our best results with a patient who is at their ideal body weight at the time of the procedure," said Porcaro. 

In addition, Porcaro says "The best results are obtained in patients who follow a lifelong change in their diet and activity level." 

Porcaro says a good doctor will tell you it is critical you watch your weight and stay active after the procedure in order to maintain the results.

"It's not brain surgery. It sounds more like common sense." 

Porcaro says following liposuction, he tracks his patient's weight and measurements to ensure they benefit from the procedure. See liposuction before and after pictures or visit Porcaro's profile page here

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