LipoSonix Ultrasound Liposuction - How it Works

Europe and Australia are already benefiting from ultrasound technology for getting rid of excess fat and stubborn cellulite, and the U.S. market may soon be able to enjoy similar benefits. LipoSonix technology makes use of ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues and organs. 

The technology has recently been acquired by U.S.-based Medicis, a leading independent specialty pharmaceutical company that plans to bring this popular technology to the U.S. market by 2011.   

Conventional Liposuction vs. New Technology  

Conventional liposuction treatments often require extensive surgery; excess fatty tissue is suctioned out from beneath the skin with the use of a small, wand-like device.  Liposuction is an effective way to move stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite that are not responding to diet and exercise, and there are several variations of the classic liposuction technique. Some doctors inject fluid into the body to expand the skin tissues and make it easier to extract the fat, while others use a combination of fluid injections and ultrasound energy waves to break down the fat.  

Ultrasonic liposuction has become a popular alternative to conventional liposuction in recent years, and works by loosening up fatty deposits and liquefying them, before being vacuumed away through a small tube. Ultrasound technology does play a role here, but not in the same way that LipoSonix and other ultrasound liposuction systems. Ultrasound waves are used to maneuver the cannula, and the tube that is passed over the fat cells to destroy them.  This type of treatment does require some light surgery.

What Makes LipoSonix Different

LipoSonix technology is a completely non-invasive at removal and body sculpting treatment that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to reach the adipose tissue deep within the skin’s layers. The energy waves are powerful enough to disrupt the fat cells and break them down instantly. There is no cannula involved, and therefore no incision required; the entire treatment is administered through the top of the skin, and leaves no bruises, scars or swelling.   

The makers of LipoSonix also indicate that LipoSonix is well-tolerated by patients and there is no need for an infusion during surgery, or post-procedure medication of any kind. Patients can return to their regular activities immediately after treatment, and will see a noticeable difference within a few days, with ongoing results after a few weeks. Still, the procedure has not received approval by the FDA and is not available in the United States.  

Similar technology is already used in Europe and Australia, and promises to be a cost effective treatment for those who want to reduce body fat and eliminate cellulite for good. UltraShape has gained favorable interest in these markets, and makes use of real-time optical tracking and an ultrasound beam to break down fat cells. This targeted system reduces the risk of injury and complications often associated with liposuction surgery, and does not require any anesthesia. UltraShape has become a popular non-invasive treatment for cellulite and fat removal overseas, and LipoSonix may offer similar results as a ‘next generation’  body contouring treatment.  

Learn more about liposuction alternatives and body contouring in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area for treatment options and more information about ultrasound technology.