Life After IVF


What is Life After IVF Like?

Undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF can be a life-changing experience, whether the couple ends up conceiving or not. If you’re considering IVF or other fertility treatments, take the time to learn about life after IVF and review patient testimonials at your fertility clinic of choice. Some people experience severe disappointment and even fall into depression after failed IVF treatments, and others must seek out IVF alternatives in order to get pregnant. Those who are successful with IVF treatment must be prepared to adjust to a whole new lifestyle and accommodate for the new baby.
You can discuss what life after IVF is like during your consultation with an IVF specialist in your area.

What to Expect After IVF Treatment

You will need to wait for official blood test results to determine pregnancy after IVF treatment. If you are pregnant, you will need to make frequent visits to your regular physician to handle all stages of the pregnancy. If your IVF treatment fails, your infertility specialist can make a recommendation on other options that may help you conceive. Going through IVF treatments and trying to cope with failed fertility treatments can be stressful. You can talk to your fertility doctor about counseling or therapy options if you’re having difficulty coping with some of the effects of failed fertility treatments. If your IVF treatment is successful, you may be interested in taking maternity courses and workshops related to your pregnancy to ensure a healthy delivery. Both your physician and your fertility specialist can refer you to various resources.

Learning About Life After IVF

There are several ways you can learn more about life after IVF. A few ways to educate yourself on life after IVF and adjusting to your new lifestyle after a successful IVF treatment include:
Reading books and magazines about IVF treatment
Reviewing patient testimonials at a doctor’s office
Searching online for IVF treatment reviews and experiences
Asking your IVF specialist for references so you can contact couples who have undergone treatment and enjoyed success with their fertility treatment

Meet with an IVF Specialist

Talk to an IVF infertility doctor in your area about life after IVF and IVF alternatives. Your fertility doctor can tell you more about what to expect after a successful treatment, and may recommend counseling and other services to help you adjust to your new lifestyle.