Labiaplasty on Your Vajayjay

Nobody wants to talk about it, yet everybody is doing it. If you aren’t comfortable with the term “rejuvenating your labia,” we suggest you use the word that’s becoming very popular in Urban Dictionaries everywhere. Say it with me: Vajayjay (pronounced vah jay jay). Don’t be afraid. More and more women are saying, “I want my vajayjay to look prettier.”  

The request is effectively creeping into the offices of cosmetic surgeons and board certified plastic surgeons. We predict it will become even more popular in 2012. Labiaplasty is now the number one searched term on

Why Do People Want Labiaplasty?

The purpose of the surgery is to reshape the appearance of the female genitalia. These days, women are starting to look down there and realize they want to make changes to enhance that image.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery says there were 1,030 vaginal procedures performed in 2006, when the surgery first began to gain ground. Some of those women want the surgery for medical reasons, such as constant irritation or infection. Other women feel self conscious about it. According to surgeon Denise Baker, her patients say they have had changes from child birth, hormones or even athleticism. See what she has to say about labiaplasty here:

The insecurity could also be because there is such a big difference in the way everyone’s vajayajay looks. In fact, there is an artist in the UK who recently created a sculpture  to address this topic. The sculpture consists of 400 plaster casts of vaginas. The variety of labia shapes and sizes is abundantly clear.

How is Labiaplasty Performed?

The procedure removes the excess fat and tissue in the area of concern. Many times it’s done under local anesthesia with an oral sedation. It’s an outpatient procedure and recovery time is fairly quick. Doctors report many patients are already happy with the results, just one week following the procedure. Click here to see labiaplasty before and after pictures 

How do I Chose A Labiaplasty Doctor?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to go very far these days to find a labiaplasty doctor. The procedure is becoming very popular. At minimum, you should contact a few doctors and ask for before and after pictures to get an idea of their experience level. You can contact a local cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon here on or see our labiaplasty before and after pictures to find your doctor that way.

Don’t be afraid to tell them you want your vajayay to look prettier, thousands of women a year are making the same request.