Kim Kardashian Turned Away by Nose Job Surgeon

Kim Kardashian is often rumored to have had plastic surgery, but has continued to state that she has never gone under the knife. Many people believe Kardashian has had buttock implants or breast augmentation, but the star insists that these are completely natural and a result of her Armenian heritage. This doesn’t mean Kardashian is against cosmetic surgery, however. She recently went to see a nose job surgeon to achieve a nose shape that is “less Armenian” but the surgeon turned her away because he said that she doesn’t need to have plastic surgery.

If you’ve considered nose job surgery, take a look at some of these before and after nose job pictures. Set up a consultation with a nose job surgeon in your area if you think you might be an ideal candidate for nose reshaping or a rhinoplasty procedure.

Kim Kardashian and Plastic Surgery

Many fans still request the “Kim Kardashian nose job” when they visit the plastic surgeon because they simply want to achieve Kardashian’s delicate nose shape. It may come as a surprise to many that Kardashian wants to change the shape and look of her nearly-perfect nose. 

Kim Kardashian has been in the news numerous times about the shape of her butt, and many people think that she has had butt implants to achieve her curvaceous behind. In an interview with ABC Nightline, Kardashian claims that “those are just rumors, I don’t think I’ll ever outlive them. For the record, no butt implants. No butt injections, no anything to my butt”.

Kardashian has admitted to having non-invasive procedures such as VelaShape to slim down her thighs, and Botox to smooth out wrinkles on her forehead.

Popular Celebrity Nose Job Procedures

Even though Kim Kardashian was recently turned down for her celebrity nose job procedure, there are many stars who do meet the requirements for this type of surgery and have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to improve their appearance. Some of the most well-known celebrities who have inspired nose procedures include: Jennifer Grey, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga and Ashlee Simpson. Some celebs have had surgery to correct asymmetry of the nose, while others have had their nose size reduced significantly to create a more delicate and feminine appearance.

Thinking about getting a nose job? Take a close look at these nose job before and after photos, or set up a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgery doctor who specializes in nose job surgery. Your surgeon can determine whether you will be a good candidate for this type of procedure, and will explain what to expect from surgery.