Key Reasons to Get Adjustable Breast Implants

You’ve finally decided to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, but how do you know which size to choose? You and your surgeon will spend some time discussing your goals and reviewing different sizes of implants to find the right match. Still, you may be hesitating to go up a few cup sizes without really knowing what your final result looks like. If that’s the case,  view these before and after adjustable breast implants picture to find out if this is the best match for you. Adjustable, or resizable implants, can be modified up to six months after your procedure and will give you a little more control over the outcome of your surgery.

Here are some of the key reasons to get adjustable breast implants:

You’re indecisive: If you can’t decide exactly what cup size of implants you want during the pre-op phase, choosing adjustable implants will give you some peace of mind. You’ll be able to control the results because the surgeon can add more fill or take some away within months of your procedure.

You have asymmetrical breasts: You may not benefit from a set of implants when your natural breast shape is asymmetrical. Adjustable breast implants will allow the plastic surgeon to add more fill to one breast than the other, creating balance and symmetry.

You want a gradual increase in size: If you want to go up more than two cup sizes, you may want to increase the size gradually until so you can adjust to your new shape. Going up several sizes at once can take its toll on both your body and your self-image. A gradual increase will allow your body to adapt at a slower pace so that your skin can stretch appropriately, and you’ll be able to adjust to your new physical appearance as your body changes and adapts. can help you get in touch with plastic surgeons in your area to find out if the adjustable breast implants are your best option.