Key Benefits of Levulan Acne Treatments

Photodynamic therapy is an innovative acne treatment that uses light energy and a special light-activated solution to destroy acne-causing bacteria and prevents more blemishes from forming. Levulan Photodynamic Therapy is now available at many medical spas and cosmetic dermatology centers around the country, and has been proven effective for treating even cystic acne that has become resistant to other types of acne treatments.

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Top Benefits of Levulan Acne Treatments

Levulan acne treatments are typically performed two weeks apart so that the acnetic cysts begin to break down and dissolve, and the skin cells can regenerate between treatments. After the series of treatments is complete, the patient can get maintenance treatments that will help to further reduce overactivity of the sebaceous glands and improve the texture and tone of the skin.

Some of the key benefits of Levulan acne treatments include:

  • Relatively painless procedure
  • Produces results within the first few treatments
  • No downtime
  • Residual redness or soreness typically subsides within a week after treatment
  • Long-lasting impact on acne
  • Less side effects than other acne treatments
  • Suitable for most skin types

How Levulan Photodynamic Therapy Works

Levulan photodynamic therapy is performed on an outpatient basis in a medical spa, cosmetic dermatology center or aesthetic surgery center by a certified medical professional or dermatologist. The Levulan photosensitizing agent is applied directly onto the skin, and a special light is placed over the treatment area to deliver a specific wavelength of light. These light beams activate the Levulan solution and the compounds help to break down and get rid of bacteria embedded deep under the skin’s surface.

The treatment also helps to slow down sebaceous gland activity. Overactive sebaceous glands are typically triggered by the hormone androgen, a male hormone that is present in both men and women. When an excessive amount of androgen is produced, the sebaceous glands begin to release more sebum, the oily substance that clogs up the pores and makes the skin appear shiny. When there is too much sebum on the surface of the skin, it can mix with dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria, and clogs up the follicles. This causes inflammation inside the pore and results in bumps and nodules that become harder, inflamed and sensitive to the skin.

The Levulan photodynamic treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, and patients can undergo a series of treatments until they achieve desired results. Most patients need to apply the Levulan solution to the skin about one to two hours prior to being exposed to the light, and will be given a pair of special goggles to protect their eyes during the treatment process.

Learn more about the latest acne treatments in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for Levulan photodynamic therapy  and other treatments.