Key Benefits of Facial Liposuction

Whether your goal is to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles or enhance the skin for a more youthful appearance, you have several options for improving your looks. 

Facial liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure that can remove excess fat around the jawline, cheeks and other areas of the face that may be adding years to your appearance and offers several benefits for both men and women.  

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, claims that facial liposuction poses far less health risks than many cosmetic procedures and can be combined with other treatments, such as a facelift, for a dramatic improvement. 

Benefits of Facial Liposuction

1. Lower risk of infection. The facial liposuction procedure doesn’t require extensive incisions and will not touch any major organs. You can look forward to a lower risk of infection as a result, and may be far less likely to experience discomfort and long-term side effects from the procedure.

2. Speedy recovery. While you may experience slight discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, any bruising and redness will disappear within a few weeks. Three to six months for complete recovery is the average time for most patients to see the full benefits of the facial liposuction procedure.

3. Lower levels of scarring. Since the liposuction cannula is so small, there is very little scarring involved with the procedure. Facial liposuction can be performed in discreet areas of the face so that scars can be hidden with ease. In some cases, these scars can even be reduced or removed with scar removal procedures or skin rejuvenation treatments such as microdermabrasion.

4. Valuable addition to diet and exercise. Since it can take an extensive amount of dieting and exercise to reduce fat in the face, facial liposuction can be a valuable addition to a weight loss program. Facial liposuction helps remove fat from the jaw line, cheeks and neck area that cannot be reduced with even the healthiest diet and consistent exercise program.

5. Complete removal of fat cells. The liposuction procedure itself removes all fat cells from the treatment area; since fat accumulation and excess fat are the result of the expansion of existing fat cells, your treatment prevents fat from quickly re-accumulating in the treatment area.

6. Limited pain. In most cases, only a mild painkiller is required during the recovery phases. The swelling can be treated with ice packs or a hot compress, and an over the counter painkiller can help reduce pain from the bruises.

7. Results within months. Most people begin to see results just three to six months after the surgery, and these typically improve each month thereafter.  After the bruising and swelling disappear, the face ‘adjusts’ to the fat removal relatively easily so that the outcome looks very natural.

8. Tightens and tones the skin. Facial liposuction can tighten and tone the skin after the fat removal process.  As the dermal layer of the skin and skin tissues heal, the skin can become much more firm and resilient.  

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the face and achieve a youthful and attractive appearance, facial liposuction offers several benefits. With a speedy recovery time and reduced risk of complications, facial liposuction may be the simplest way to improve your appearance. 

Learn more about facial liposuction in our informational guide, or find a doctor in your area who can perform the facial liposuction procedure.