Is Dysport Really Better than Botox? Advice from Celibre Laser Skin Care

If you’re tired of trying to hide those pesky lines and wrinkles, you may have considered injectable fillers like Botox to get rid of them. While Botox is still one of the leading facial fillers on the market, its latest competitor Dysport could actually offer some more benefits. Both Botox and Dysport are similar in composition and purpose – they are an injectable form of botulinum toxin Type A which helps to relax the muscles and smooth out wrinkles.

Both injectables have also received FDA approval for the treatment of forehead wrinkles and frown lines, but many specialists are finding that Dysport offers a few significant advantages over the ever-popular Botox. Is Dysport really better than Botox? Celibre Laser Skin Care based in Torrance, California shares some tips and advice on this subject below:

Key Distinctions Between Dysport and Botox

The specialists at Celibre Laser Skin Care point out that one of the biggest differences between Botox and Dysport is that Dysport does tend to take effect more quickly. Most patients getting Dysport injections see results within one to two days, while Botox patients usually wait at least two days to see a noticeable difference. In many cases, the full effects after Dysport injections can be seen within just 24 hours.

Another key distinction between Dysport and Botox is longevity – Dsyport tends to last much longer than Botox because patients can safely receive a higher concentration than is suggested by the FDA. At Celibre Medical Center, the conversion of Botox to Dysport is three units of Dsyport for one unit of Botox (3 to 1). This makes each treatment that much more potent and can be a more valuable investment for the typical patient.

Another significant difference between Dysport and Botox is the diffusion area. Dysport tends to have a larger diffusion area than Botox which means it can easily treat larger areas with just one injection. While this can be problematic when working on smaller areas like the forehead, patients generally benefit from the extra distance that the Dysport injection ends up dispersing.

Should You Get Dysport Instead of Botox?

Many fans of Botox are making the switch to Dysport simply because they want faster results. Both injectables have the same types of side effects: localized numbness, swelling, bruising, and a tingling sensation at the time of the injection. Like Botox, Dsyport can create drooping eyelids or eyebrows and can even migrate or diffuse outside of the target area. Ultimately, choosing Dysport is purely a personal decision and one that you can talk over with your medical specialist.

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