Injectable Fillers Without Bruising? Yes, It's Now a Reality!

The holiday season is approaching quickly and it’s the perfect time to get a touch-up using highly effective fillers such as Restylane® and Juvéderm®. But many patients often hesitate or postpone making an appointment because of the bruising they have come to associate with injectable fillers.
Now, thanks to a breakthrough in injectable technology, bruising can be drastically reduced, or even totally avoided, through the use of a new blunt-tipped needle technique used by Dr. William Rosenblatt, a doubly board-certified plastic surgeon AND ear, nose, and throat specialist. By creating a pilot hole and then inserting the blunt tipped cannula, swelling and bruising may be reduced by 70% to 100%. Through the use of blunt needles, filler is dispersed more evenly, producing very desirable results in areas that are most susceptible to bruising.
This technique is especially effective in the face and lips, which are highly vascular and prone to swelling and bruising. Certain areas that are more fibrous or require only a few injections are better served with a traditional injection method.
But for areas that would typically require multiple injections, such as naso-labial folds, lips, and the mouth area, this new technique is a revolutionary step forward requiring only minimal injections and resulting in less bruised and happy, more youthful looking patients. Also when combined with a local anesthetic, very little pain is experienced with the injections.
So now you can greet the holidays with a refreshed new look without having to plan your treatment months in advance!