Incision Free Weight Loss Procedures: What Are the Options?

The latest developments in bariatric surgery allow a doctor to trigger the weight loss process without a single incision. Minimally invasive procedures such as LAP-BAND surgery and new techniques in gastric bypass surgery are no longer the only options for people living with morbid obesity. Today’s advanced techniques and procedures include a lineup of incision-free weight loss procedures that can shrink the size of the stomach and create a “second stomach” to help patients progressively lose weight. Here’s an overview of some of the latest options in incision free weight loss procedures:

EndoBarrier Sleeve Procedure for Incision-Free Weight Loss

The EndoBarrier sleeve procedure is an innovative procedure for restricting calorie absorption. People who have been struggling to lose weight with diet and exercise alone and are significantly overweight may be good candidates for this incision-free weight loss procedure. In this procedure, a sleeve is implanted through the mouth to line the upper part of the small intestine. It is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed within a couple of hours.

Incision-Free Weight Loss with the StomaphyX Procedure

The StomaphyX procedure is designed for people who are gained weight after gastric bypass surgery and is designed to create a stronger stomach pouch. The pouch limits the amount of food – and therefore calories – ingested at any given time so that weight loss is easier.

Transoral Gastroplasty for Incision-Free Weight Loss

Transoral Gastroplasty, also known as TOGA, is an incision-free weight loss surgery that involves inserting a stapler through the mouth and into the stomach. This stomach stapling procedure allows the patient to feel fuller with very small amounts of food and weight loss typically begins within weeks after surgery. This innovative incision-free weight loss procedure is available at select clinics and bariatric surgery centers around the United States.

Incision-Free Weight Loss with the Gastric Balloon Procedure

Gastric balloon procedures are currently unavailable in the United States but have been performed in Europe, Canada and South America for several years. In this procedure, a small silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach from the mouth so that the patient feels fuller after eating and drinking small amounts of food. The balloon is designed to stay in the stomach for several months until weight loss begins, and once healthier eating habits have been established, the surgeon removes the balloon. This procedure is typically coupled with a specialized diet and exercise program to ensure ongoing results.

Transoral ROSE for Incision-Free Weight Loss

People who have regained some weight after bariatric surgery are typically good candidates for the Transoral Rose weight loss procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon creates small folds around the stomach so that the stomach begins to empty slower than average. This leaves the patient feeling fuller with less food, and makes it easier for them to lose weight.
Learn more about the latest bariatric surgery procedures in our information guide, or consult with a bariatric surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for any of these incision-free weight loss procedures.