How to Take Care of Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are a proven method of getting rid of facial or body hair permanently, and can help you skip the cumbersome shaving and waxing routine. However, these high-powered lasers can leave your skin more sensitive than usual, and you may even leave the doctor’s office with small bumps or redness in the treatment area.   

Soothing the skin with topical treatments or even a cold compress will help the skin heal restore itself naturally; here are some simple ways to take care of your skin after laser hair removal treatments:  

1. Reach for a milk-based lotion. The editors at encourage soothing the skin with products that contain milk, rosemary and green tea.  These skincare products can help reduce irritation and discomfort, and can also be applied to inflamed skin that’s endured sunburn. (Source:  

2. Enjoy a nourishing body wrap. Body wraps that infuse the skin with moisture, emollients and other key ingredients can help to repair sensitive skin after treatment and leave it silky and smooth for the long-term. While you still need to use a quality moisturizer immediately after a treatment, a body wrap can give your skin a boost and make it more resilient and responsive to an at-home moisture infusion.  

3. Load up on chocolate. Dermatologist Dr. Bernabio explains that chocolate-based skin products contain several anti-inflammatory agents and skin softeners, and these may help soothe the skin instantly (Source: TheDermBlog). Adding chocolate to your skincare menu may be a valuable way to give your skin a boost.  

4. Stay out of the sun. Skin that has undergone a laser treatment can be more sensitive to heat and sunlight for up to a week after treatment. Avoid excessive sun exposure (including tanning beds) so that skin can heal and generate a layer of fresh new cells.   

5. Avoid heavy makeup. If you’ve received a facial laser hair removal treatment, the delicate areas of the face may be more prone to breakouts and irritation from even non-comedogenic makeup. Avoid using liquid based makeup to keep skin clear and fresh; mineral makeup offers an alternative solution for skin if you have to wear makeup for a special occasion or event.  

6. Use a loofah to exfoliate once per week. Even though the skin will be sensitive immediately after treatment, you’ll still want to exfoliate the skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy circulation. A loofah or dry-brushing technique can help buff away dead skin cells and make it easier for skin to heal over time.  

Since you won’t achieve immediate results after just a few laser hair removal treatments, you’ll need a way to take care of the skin between treatments. Promoting a healthy recovery and repair process makes it easier for skin to heal and regenerate, and can also make your treatment plan that much more effective.  

Learn more about laser hair removal treatments in our information guide, or consult with a hair removal specialist in your area to find out how to prepare and nourish the skin during your treatment program.