How to Plan Your Recovery When Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you’re getting liposuction, breast implants or other cosmetic surgery procedures, it’s important to have a plan for your recovery. Making sure your skin and tissues heal properly after surgery or a cosmetic procedure involves scheduling time for rest and sleep, making follow up appointments, and stocking up on the right foods and supplements to support a healthy recovery. If you don’t have a plan, you may end up with sub-par results and may even experience pain or unwanted side effects.

What are some important tips for planning your recovery when undergoing cosmetic surgery?

1. Map out a time off schedule. Make sure you have taken enough time off work to accommodate for your surgery and recovery time. Don’t be afraid to add a couple of extra days for recovery, even if you end up using them as “leisure” days. You don’t want to stress about having to go to work when you’re still in a lot of pain or need some more time to rest after your procedure!

2. Stock up on groceries and household supplies. If you’re undergoing extensive surgery, you won’t be able to move around, walk or lift much for at least a week or two post-procedure. Make sure you’re stocked up on all groceries and household supplies so that you don’t have to worry about shopping for a few weeks. Prepare some meals and cook in batches for freezing so that you have plenty of food to get you through your recovery days.

3. Make accommodations for someone to stay with you overnight. Unless you’re hiring a nurse to take care of you immediately after surgery, you will need a friend or family member to stay with you at least for the night after your surgery. He or she will need to make sure you’re comfortable and have ice packs and other supplies on hand to minimize pain. They can also be there to ensure you are taking any pain medication and supplements as needed, and can call 911 if anything goes wrong.

4. Organize and clean your home. Since you won’t be able to move much for a few days or even weeks after your surgery, finish any heavy-duty cleaning projects before you head to the doctor’s office. Clear up some clutter and organize your home in preparation of a few days “in”. Stock up on some favorite books, magazines, DVDs, video games so that you can make the most of your time at home. Consider purchasing some new pillows, comforters or oversized cushions to provide the extra support and comfort you need.

5. Put together an emergency contact list. If you’re going to be home for several days or weeks after surgery, make sure you have people close by who you can reach out to. Put together a contact list of neighbors, family and friends who may be able to help you with chores or picking up medication as needed when  you’re bedridden.

Your cosmetic surgery doctor can provide more tips on recovery as you prepare for your surgery or treatment. Use the tips above to get ready for your procedure with peace of mind.