How to Manage Breast Lift Scars

Even though the scars from a breast lift are fairly short in length, they can take several months to mature and reach their final appearance. Your plastic surgery doctor will let you know when your scars have healed enough to start applying any type of topical treatment. There are several treatments and methods that can be used to reduce or minimize scarring during the healing process, and also to lighten scars after the healing process is over. Taking Arnica supplements before and after your surgery has shown to improve the healing process and could improve the appearance of scars. See before and after breast lift photos.

Some other options for managing scars after a breast lift procedure include:

Taping the scars – the surgeon can provide you with materials that tape the scar and promote healthy healing

Silicone sheeting – these sheets are placed right over the scars to soften them and speed up the healing process. Silicone can also protect the scars from elements in the environment.

Silicone based gels – gels can speed up the healing process and also minimize scarring over time

Bleaching creams – once the scars are fully healed, bleaching creams can be used to lighten the scar. These are applied topically once or twice per day.

Intense pulsed light therapy – if your scars don’t seem to be disappearing easily, you can undergo a series of intense pulsed light therapy treatments which help to lighten the scars and also promote the skin’s healing process

Topical steroids – a more aggressive treatment that can help to lighten and diminish scars

Skin lightening serums – serums that contain ingredients such as hydroquinone or kojic acid can lighten the skin and get rid of pigmented areas. You may be able to apply this type of serum directly on the scars once they are fully healed, and should only do so under the direction of your surgeon.