How to Lose Inches with the Cellu Curve Body Shaping System

A new body shaping system has entered the U.S. market and could be just what you’re looking for to get rid of those extra pounds and inches. The Cellu Curve device promises non-surgical body shaping, and is a variation of a stationary bike you would find at the gym. Unlike traditional bikes, the Cellu Curve machine incorporates infrared panels that emit energy waves directly into your skin while you pedal. This light energy works to promote fat loss and the combination of exercise with the infrared light exposure may just help to melt away a few inches!

If you need to lose a few inches and get in shape, ask your cosmetic surgeon about some of the latest options in body shaping and contouring. The Cellu Curve device is currently available at only a handful of cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas around the country, and may soon be appearing at a center near you.

How the Cellu Curve Body Shaping System Works

The Cellu Curve body shaping system doesn’t deliver instant results but does offer an alternative to liposuction. The machine was developed by Biofit and combines low level laser therapy in the form of infrared light, with a regular biking exercise. This same low level laser technology is used in the popular Zerona procedure, a procedure that also helps to melt away inches without surgery. Learn more about Zerona here.

When you are undergoing a series of Cellu Curve body shaping treatments, you will need to sit on a padded seat that is designed like a stationary bike and start pedaling at varying speeds. Most patients need to spend about 40 minutes on the machine and undergo a treatment every few days – preferably three times per week. Infrared light is emitted onto the body to stimulate fat metabolism. The combination of physical exercise and infrared light may induce fat loss in some people, and can help you lose a few pounds and inches within weeks.

Top Benefits of the Cellu Curve Body Shaping System

The Cellu Curve body shaping system may be an attractive alternative to going under the knife – especially if you only have a few pounds or inches to lose. If you are willing to undergo and maintain an exercise regimen, you may be a good candidate for this innovative body shaping program. Some of the top benefits of the Cellu Curve body shaping system include:

  • Completely non-invasive, no surgery involved
  • No downtime
  • Complements an exercise or fitness regimen
  • Promotes the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Can boost the metabolism
  • Expected loss of approximately 12 inches after a series of 15 treatments
  • Produces visible results within a few weeks of regular treatments
  • Comfortable and painless procedure

Learn more about the latest body shaping procedures and techniques in our information guide, or get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Your cosmetic surgeon can recommend a treatment plan that will help you lose those stubborn inches and determine whether you could be a good candidate for the Cellu Curve body shaping system.