How to Find the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

While most cosmetic surgeons cannot guarantee results of any procedure, there are ways to reduce the risks of bad plastic surgery.

Since you don’t want to compromise your health and well-being when undergoing cosmetic surgery, finding out what your options are may involve extra research, a face-to-face consultation, or even reviewing before and after photos of the cosmetic surgery procedure you have selected.

How do you make the right choice?   

Here are some tips and suggestions for finding a cosmetic surgeon that has your best interests in mind:  

  1. Ask for references. References from patients and even other doctors is the first place to learn more about the prospective cosmetic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to offer at least 2-3 solid references that reflect on their expertise and experience in the field.
  2. Learn about financing options. Many doctors now offer convenient payment plans and low-interest financing to help you manage costs of your services.  This can help you plan ahead and make a better decision – if you need to spend slightly more than the average for a quality doctor, you can do so without overextending your personal budget. Read testimonials from past clients. 
  3. Learn about other patients’ experiences with the doctor, and find out who else may have received the same or similar procedure in the past few months.  Reading testimonials can help you determine which doctors have a long list of satisfied clients – and which ones may have only a few.
  4. Request an in-person consultation to review your options. An in-person consultation will help you determine whether the doctor is willing to listen, find out exactly what you need, and provide recommendations and direction on the right procedure for you. Customer service is part of the plan, so make sure you feel comfortable with the cosmetic surgeon you are considering.
  5. Learn about risks involved with your selected procedure. No matter how innovative and painless a procedure may sound, make sure you understand all of the risks and potential side effects involved. An honest surgeon will go over both benefits and drawbacks of the treatment, so take the time to learn as much as possible about your prospective procedure.

Whether you’ve decided to pursue BOTOX treatments or laser surgery, finding the right cosmetic surgeon to manage your procedure will take some time.  There may be hundreds of cosmetic surgeons in your area, but only a few will offer professional treatments, exceptional follow up services, and provide the right care you need for a successful procedure.

Being an informed patient may entail looking beyond a doctor’s website and brochures, but a few extra steps is all it takes to reduce the risk of a poor quality treatment that compromises your health.  

Find a professional cosmetic surgeon in your area, or learn more about cosmetic surgery with our information guide.