How to Choose the Best Medispa

While cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists in your area offer several facial rejuvenation procedures and anti-aging treatments, a medispa or destination spa can provide a whole suite of services – and are an easy excuse to relax and pamper yourself in the process.    

Medical spas are quickly becoming a popular destination for overnight stays coupled with a day of treatments; with services including dermal fillers and microdermabrasion treatments, you can jet off to a medispa anywhere in the country for a unique experience.

Ready to enjoy a customized facial or other skin rejuvenation treatment?  Here’s how to choose the right medical spa for your needs:  

1. Consider nutritional services. Many medispas and destination spas are focusing on the nutritional aspects of health and wellness; you can find several spas that offer nutritional counseling and weight loss training programs so you can develop a diet program that suits your lifestyle. An overnight stay at a medispa could be just what you need to jump into a healthy eating and healthy living plan.

2. Find out about lectures and seminars available. As more medical spas cater to the trends of healthy aging and life balance, professional counselors are offering educational lectures and hosting speaking events at many venues around the world. Learn about educational opportunities available at each destination so you can maximize your stay.

3. Learn about spa packages. While you can find standard treatments such as massage, facials and manicures on the spa services menu, some spa packages may include specialty treatments such as microdermabrasion, body wraps and even cellulite removal services. Learn as much as possible about packages available so you can make the most of those spa dollars.

4. Determine if outdoor activities are available. If you’re staying at the medispa or destination spa for longer than a few days, learn about fitness activities and other events available. Some spas now offer yoga classes, hiking opportunities and other physical activities that can keep you in great shape throughout your stay.

5. Find out if you can do a detox. Getting away from your day-to-day lifestyle is the perfect opportunity to take part in a detox. Detox plans may include a comprehensive meal program, exercise calendar and sessions at the sauna; these programs can help eliminate toxins from the body and leave you looking and feeling great.

6. Learn about steam rooms and saunas available. Just one visit to a steam cave or sauna is all it takes to clear your head and get you on a healthy track.  Some spas even recommend these trips prior to facial and body wrap treatments to open your pores and make the treatment more effective. Find out what options you have so you can customize your visit accordingly.

7. Find out if professional cosmetic surgeon’s are on property. If the spa is offering BOTOX, dermal fillers or even laser cellulite removal services, you’ll want the procedure to be performed by a licensed or certified cosmetic surgeon. You can ask about the spa professionals’ qualifications right over the phone.  

Whether you’re interested in a simple facial or an extensive detox, heading to the medical spa is a great way to enjoy the latest treatment while basking in the comfort of a spa. Medspas across the country are catering to the latest anti-aging trends and cellulite removal treatments, making it easier than ever to achieve those youthful looks. When you’re searching for a medispa, consider these seven key points to make the best decision.