How to Balance Life and Work? Simplify Your Life

Are you wondering how to balance life and work? Is your schedule feeling out of control? One answer is to simplify your life.

Work Life Balance Picture - LocateADoc.comThough that is easier said than done. In a recent blog post, therapist Rachel Eddins tells us that making time takes time and that is the first challenge to simplify and find more balance. A recent poll, for example, found that 65% of people are spending their free time doing things they’d rather not do.
She professes learning to say no and taking on fewer responsibilities.
If you want a simpler life, you must learn to say no. In Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter, author Elaine St. James says that people get into trouble because they agree to do things they really don’t have time to do. This leads to a constant state of being overcommitted and frustrated.
Our culture makes it difficult for us to say no to requests to attend extra meetings, dinner engagements, or to take on new responsibilities. Many of us feel obligated to always be participating at high level. We are proud of our high productivity and involvement, but it comes with a high price a complicated life that leaves to time for you. Eddins writes about St. James suggestion that you actually schedule time for yourself on your calendar at the beginning of every month; when you are invited to participate in something, turn down the request because you already have a commitment.
Clutter is another challenge to finding balance. Most of us have rooms in our house filled with stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time, but ends up sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, unused. St. James suggests that you go through your house once each year and get rid of everything you haven’t used during the previous year.
She also has an idea for not acquiring new stuff I the first place. She suggests a technique called the 30- Day List. When you start thinking that you must have a certain product, add it to your 30-Day List and wait. At the end of 30 days, ask yourself if you really still need it. Chances are, you will have lost your enthusiasm for the product and will cross it off the list.
Counselors can help on how to balance life. To consult with a therapist, look through profiles to find a specialist in your area.