How Much Does a Facelift Really Cost?

On your search for a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon for your facelift, the cost of your procedure may play a role in your final selection.  

Some cosmetic surgeons list rates on their services menu, while others offer a quote based on the facilities fees, anesthesia fees and the actual surgeon’s fees. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the national average cost for a facelift was $6,532 in 2007. However, this price can vary considerably because of the several factors involved with treatment.  

Considering all the costs involved can help you make the most informed decision – and may even save you money in the process. Here’s a breakdown of all the costs involved with a facelift procedure:  

The Cost of a Facelift – Surgeon’s Fees and Location  

Surgeon’s fees vary depending on the level of expertise of the surgeon and their location; the facelift procedure can cost more at a plastic surgery center on the West Coast than it does in the South, and you might even select a physician based entirely on their location to save on the final price you pay. reports that the cost of a facelift in Marietta, GA was $7,250 while the facelift procedure costs just $4,500 in York, PA in 2008. If you choose to travel for your procedure, flight and hotel expenses will also need to be factored in.  

Facelift Costs – Level of Treatment  

Another factor involved with the cost of a facelift is the level of treatment you need. Since each facelift procedure is unique, your total cost will also depend on how well your skin responds to the treatment and how much follow up treatment will be required. Younger skin typically responds well to cosmetic surgery procedures because it can recover quickly from trauma; mature skin may take longer to heal and require follow up treatments and services for an extended period of time. These appointments and services can add to the total cost of your facelift procedure.  

Facelift Costs – Facilities Fees

Some cosmetic surgery centers have a set of standard facilities fees added to all treatments, while others add different fees to each procedure. Facilities fees can be as low as $500 or as high as $2,000 according to These fees vary by the hospital or treatment center’s location, as well as the overall quality of services and after-care involved.  

The Cost of a Facelift  - Factoring in Other Treatment Costs

Facials, skin rejuvenation treatments and other procedures may be needed to manage the skin after the facelift and for months after the healing period. Some of these treatments can encourage healing, while others can simply enhance the skin and keep it healthy. Additional services and treatment costs can range from $100 - $500 or more.  

From facilities fees to the surgeon’s average rates, the cost of a facelift may be much more than what is stated on the menu of services. Consulting with a doctor in your area can give you an estimate of the total fees you will pay for your procedure. If you're short on funds for the procedure, low-interest patient financing makes it easy to get the facelift procedure you need and receive high quality treatment from a professional. Learn more about facelifts in our information guide, or find a doctor in your area for a consultation.