How Lasers Remove Permanent Makeup

More and more people are using permanent makeup to highlight areas of the face like the eyebrows and lips. Although common, there are a significant number of patients that  contact tattoo removal doctors to remove or lighten their permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is used as permanent lip liner, permanent eyeliner, or permanent rouge. It is created in much the same way as tattoos. However, some women who choose to get permanent makeup change their minds later in life. Many consider laser treatments to remove the permanent makeup, as it is one of few viable options.

How Lasers Remove Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup removal works in much the same way as tattoo removal.  A laser breaks up the pigment without causing damage to the surrounding skin. The dermis subsequently absorbs the bits of pigment that are broken apart and expels them from the body. After the procedure, patients may experience a slight crusting of the treatment area, which lasts for a few days. The exact degree and duration will depend on the type of laser used in the treatment, but will fully subside about a week after the procedure. Take a look at these tattoo removal  before and after pictures

While the process for removing permanent makeup is similar to tattoo removal, there is one significant difference. Because permanent makeup inks are different than tattoo ink, they can oxidize after treatment, which can turn them pale shades or orange or blue. This makes it more difficult to remove the ink and can require temporary methods to cover these colors (lipsticks and pencils for eyebrows).

Permanent makeup removal with laser treatments often requires more than one type of laser. The colors used in the permanent makeup are the main factor that determining the type of laser used.

It is important to understand that most patients require more than a single treatment session to achieve the desired results. Often times, it may take several months before the pigmentation of the permanent makeup fades completely. In a small number of cases, the treatment may not result in complete removal of permanent makeup.

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