How Butt Implants Help You Achieve an Hourglass Figure

If you weren’t born with an hourglass figure, butt implants will create those coveted curves and give you a shapelier backside. Celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Eva Longoria have sparked an interest in butt implants and body contouring procedures in recent years, and you might have thought about having this procedure done yourself. Butt implants can turn a flat butt into a shapely, perkier one without extensive surgery. Whether you want to look better in a bathing suit or just want to feel good about your appearance, butt implant surgery may be a great match for you.

Take a look at these butt implants before and after pictures to see how this procedure completely transforms the lower body. You’ll see that the implants increase the size and projection of the butt to create a rounder, shapelier appearance.


How does the Butt Implant Procedure Work?

Butt implants are designed for those who want fuller, rounder buttocks. Surgeons typically use a set of silicone implants to create the look and feel of real buttock tissue. This is very similar to a breast augmentation procedure, except the incisions are made in the lower body and healing time is relatively short. Most patients seeking this type of surgery want more projection to correct the “flat butt” and want a more feminine, curvy appearance that looks very natural.

Plastic surgeons who specialize in butt implants can add more mass to this part of the body with the right size implant and might also remove some excess body fat in certain areas (with liposuction) to create a streamlined appearance. Your surgeon will select an implant size that will keep your body in proportion but also add curves in just the right places. Some surgeons are also now using a fat transfer technique where body fat is injected into the butt.