How Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation Works

Even though the breast augmentation procedure is still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States, it is not without its fair share of complications. Some patients experience a very high level of pain from muscle spasms right around the implant and chest muscles. A new technique using Botox during the breast augmentation procedure can help to reduce some of this pain. It’s known as “Botox-assisted” breast augmentation because the surgeon injects Botox into the muscle at some point during the procedure.

What is Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation?

Before the implant is placed into the body, the surgeon can inject Botox directly into the chest muscle. This helps to paralyze the chest muscle so the patient won’t experience any spasms during the healing and recovery process. Paralyzing the muscle with Botox can also mean faster results. According to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew R. Schulman who interviewed with Shape magazine, the implants can settle into position in about three to four weeks after the procedure. Without Botox, it typically takes three to four months for the implant to finally settle into place.

Is Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Only some board-certified plastic surgeons use the Botox technique to perform a breast augmentation procedure so it may take some time for you to find a qualified surgeon, and determine who can deliver the best results. The breast augmentation procedure itself will not change, as the Botox injection is just an extra step added to the implant insertion process. There are still inherent risks associated with breast implants, including complications such as capsular contracture, risk of infection at the incision site, and excessive bruising and scarring that can take weeks or months to dissipate. Still, you may be able to increase your chances of a speedy recovery and enjoy your results sooner – with less pain and discomfort -- by working with a surgeon who offers Botox-assisted breast augmentation. can help you find the right plastic surgery doctor for you in your area.