Handling Nipple Enlargement after Breast Augmentation

Some women naturally have larger nipples and getting breast implants simply means that their nipples end up being more proportionate to the size of their breasts. However, many women do experience a slight enlargement of the nipples and areola after getting breast implants. This can be corrected with minor surgery and is a fairly simple procedure. If you’re thinking about getting breast implants, you may be wondering if you should also get a nipple reduction or areola reduction procedure. Here’s what you need to know.

Will my Areolas Stretch after Breast Augmentation?

Areola stretching is actually quite common for women who are going up several cup sizes with breast implants. Some women experience some tenderness around the areola and nipples because the skin is being stretched to accommodate for the new breast size. However, this usually dissipates within a few days but the appearance of the areola may be quite different than before the procedure. Some women are comfortable with an enlarged areola, while others prefer to have it reduced.

If you think that you will be bothered by a larger areola, your surgeon may be able to minimize stretching by placing a stitch along the perimeter of the areola during surgery. This can reduce the risk of excessive stretching and might even keep the areola and nipple intact.

In the event that the areola does end up stretching to a point that is larger than you would like it to be, you can undergo nipple correction surgery or areola correction surgery. This is performed under light anesthesia and is a fairly inexpensive procedure.

Results with breast augmentation do vary by individual and some women don’t experience any difference in nipple size.

Have questions about your breast augmentation procedure? Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon about breast implant options and to find out if you might need a nipple reduction or areola reduction procedure.