Hairpieces and Toupees

What is a Hairpiece or Toupee?

If you're unsure that hair restoration treatments or hair transplant surgery are right for you, consider the benefits of wearing a hairpiece or a toupee instead. A hair piece or toupee is a partial wig of natural and synthetic hair. It's typically worn to cover baldness. Many hair replacement specialists recommend hairpieces and toupees as an alternative to conventional hair restoration treatments because these natural-looking hairpieces can be less expensive than surgery and medication for hair loss.

Talk to a hair transplant doctor in your area to see if a hairpiece or toupee may be a better alternative to hair restoration surgery for you.

Hairpieces and Toupees: Hair Restoration Alternatives

Hairpieces and toupees are a custom-made hair replacement solution for men and women dealing with hair loss. Instead of taking a pill, using medicated lotion or undergoing surgery to promote healthy hair growth, hairpieces and toupees work like a wig to cover up bald patches and imitate the appearance of a healthy head of hair. Hairpieces and toupees can be attached to existing hair using invisible clips and may be the best option if you want to achieve the appearance of a healthy head of hair without undergoing any type of surgery.

What are the Advantages of Hairpieces and Toupees?

  • Can cover up bald patches or receding hair lines
  • Can be made out of real human hair
  • Are easily attached to natural hair
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors
  • Much more affordable than hair transplant surgery

What are the Disadvantages of Hairpieces and Toupees?

  • Can fall off if not properly attached
  • Some styles and hairpiece systems may not be a perfect match
  • Require regular cleaning, separate from washing regular hair
  • Acrylic versions can be easily damaged by heated styling tools
  • Acrylic versions last only for six to nine months
  • Color can fade over time